Pride flags fly as March gets set to ‘move it, move it’

Photo by Milo Hess

Rainbow flags are flying proudly at Christopher Park for Pride Month, and as the annual Pride March, set for Sun., June 24, prepares to step off in style. The procession’s numbers have been pared down a bit this year, plus the route will wend from Chelsea, through the Village and finish in East Midtown for the first time, instead of going in the other direction and finishing in the Village, as it has always done before. The direction change was made by the Police Department, which felt Midtown was a better place for the March to disperse than in the Village’s tighter quarters at Christopher and Greenwich Sts. The March had simply grown too big, police said. But the fabulously flowing confab will assuredly still pass by the hallowed Stonewall Inn, across from Christopher Park, the birthplace of the modern gay-rights movement. Next year will be the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion, and New York City will also be host to World Pride, which is expected to draw droves of additional people to town to celebrate Pride — and which is another reason police want the event to end in the more wide-open spaces of Midtown.

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