Police Blotter: Week of May 31, 2018


A burglar carried off a cash register from inside a Prince Street juice shop on May 25.

A witness told police she saw the thief slinking off with a parcel from inside the lobby of her residential building between Thompson Street and West Broadway at 4 am, and, upon further investigation, detectives realized the package was in fact the cash register — along with the $500 it contained — from an adjoining juice spot.


Cops busted three teens for allegedly beating a man and stealing his sweatshirt on Watts Street on May 26.

The victim told police the suspects jumped him between Sixth Avenue and Thompson Street at 4:28 pm, repeatedly kicking and punching him in the face, and all to nab his $85 sweatshirt.

Police cuffed the three teens later that day after the victim identified them as his attackers, cops said.


Police are hunting a shoplifter who made off with a $2,900 handbag from a Wooster Street boutique on May 23.

An employee told police the crook sauntered into bogie retailer between Broome and Spring streets at around noon, before stuffing the indulgent Celine Nano purse into her tote bag and fleeing.


A thief drove off with a man’s Audi sedan from a Spruce Street garage on May 22, while a parking lot attendant did nothing but watch.

The worker told police he watched as the thief let himself into the 2014 Audi A3 and drive off from the garage between Nassau and William streets at 6 pm, saying he thought the crook was a mechanic taking the car to be serviced.


Cops arrested a Port Authority worker accused of billing taxpayers for $5,562 worth of cab rides since May last year.

Investigators claim that the suspect, a 29-year-year old man who worked out of 4 World Trade Center, used his position at Port Authority to contract 96 trips through a private car service on a government account.

Detectives busted the civil servant on May 18, charging him with grand larceny, cops said.


A thief made off with $10,000 from an employee of a Fulton Street fast-food joint on May 18.

The victim told police he left the huge sum in a bag in the back of the eatery between Nassau and William streets at 3 pm, and returned to check on it an hour and half later to find that a thief had made off with his cash.


A thief made off with a man’s motorcycle he parked on River Terrace on May 14.

Surveillance footage obtained by police shows a man pull up beside the bike in a minivan between Murray Street and North End Avenue at 4:45 am, load the import $8,500 motorbike into the back, and drive off.


Some crook drove off with a man’s van he parked on South Street on may 21.

A security feed showed the thief entering through the back of the van near Whitehall Street at 5:30 pm, before driving off with the victim’s $7,500 ride.

The caper wouldn’t have been too difficult for the crook, according to the victim, who told police he left the back door of his van unlocked, and a set of spare keys stowed in the glove box.

— Colin Mixson

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