Police Blotter: Week of June 28, 2018


Cops busted a man after he allegedly started rifling through a sleeping straphangers backpack — and then masturbating — aboard a northbound E train near Fulton Street on June 23.

The arresting officer reported spotting the suspect take the 28-year-old woman’s backpack from between her legs as she dozed at 4 am, before allegedly searching through it with one hand, and fondling himself with the other.

The 25-year-old man was busted on grand larceny charges, cops said.


A thief rode off with a man’s $800 bike that he had locked to some scaffolding on Broadway on June 19.

The victim told police he used a heavy U-lock to secure his bike near Barclay Street at 11 am, but that the crook partially dismantled the scaffolding in order slide the bike off, along with a baby seat attached to it.


A thief stole more than $35,000 worth of assorted clothes, jewelry, and electronics that a family left in their car on King Street overnight in preparation for a trip on June 18.

The victim told police he left the stuff in his car parked between Varick Street and Sixth Avenue at midnight, and returned at 8 am the next morning to find a rear window shattered, and a small fortune worth of personal items stolen.


A thief was busted for allegedly fighting his way out of a Spring Street retailer with stolen sunglasses on June 23.

An employee told police he spotted the suspect nab $765 worth of sunglasses from the store between W. Broadway and Wooster Street at 7:33 pm, but he said that the man used violence to force his way past workers. Following the theft, police searched the area with a worker in tow, and arrested the suspect after the employee ID’d him, cops said.

Upon his arrest, the man was allegedly found in possession of the stolen shades, and slapped with a robbery charge for the violent crime, according to police.


Cops are hunting two gunman wanted for stealing $14,000 worth of sunglasses from the same Spring Street retailer on June 24.

A worker told police he was minding the shop between W. Broadway and Wooster Street at 2:50 pm, when the two men barged in, one of them shouting, “I have a gun. If you try to stop me, I will shoot you.”

The crooks grabbed 61 pairs of sunglasses before fleeing on foot across Spring Street towards the Hudson River, according to police.

Afterward, cops once again searched the area for the bandits, but this time came up empty, police said.


Cops are hunting the crook who robbed a W. Houston Street diner on June 17.

A worker told police the thief barged into the store between Greene and Mercer streets with one hand in his pocket at 7:50 pm, demanding cash.

The woman forked over $250, and the robber fled with his ill-gotten cash, according to police.

 — Colin Mixson

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