Police Blotter: Week of June 21, 2018


Cops are hunting the crook who robbed a W. Houston Street diner on June 17.

A worker told police the thief barged into the store between Greene and Mercer streets with one hand in his pocket at 7:50 pm, demanding cash.

The woman forked over $250, and the robber fled with his ill-gotten bread, according to police.



A gunman attempted to rob a woman on Warren Street on June 12.

The victim told police the fiend threw her against a building between W. Broadway and Church Street at 11:45 pm, before sticking a pistol into her side and demanding cash.

But the woman let out a blood-curdling scream, which was enough to send her would-be robber running, cops said.



A robber snatched $45 off a man amid a Washington Street stickup on June 12.

The victim told police the crook put a gun to his back between Morris Street and Battery Place at 10:25 pm, before grabbing the cash and fleeing.



Cops cuffed a man accused of stealing gadgets from a Greenwich Street Apple store on June 11.

A manager told police he spotted the suspect allegedly stuffing Apple Watches, iPhones, and Go Pros into his jacket at the electronics vendor near Vesey Street at 3:10 pm, before slinking past the register and exiting the store with more than $2,300 worth of ill-gotten gizmos.

Police caught up with the accused three days later, busting him for grand larceny, cops said.



A thief rode off with a man’s bike that he left unlocked on Thompson Street on June 16.

The victim told police he leaned his bike against some scaffolding between Grand Street and Sixth Avenue at 8:35 am, and returned five minutes later to find he was short one $1,400 bike.



A burglar looted a storage shed at a West Street eatery on June 15, taking a load of booze.

A worker told police that the crook, a one-time employee of the diner near Pier 26, waltzed into the restaurant at 4 am, and used a screwdriver to pop the lock off a storage shed before taking twelve bottles of wine, and two bottles of tequila.

— Colin Mixson

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