Letters to The Editor, Week of June 28, 2018

Betesh is just full of BS

To The Editor:

Re “Bowery tenants bash Betesh, saying he ditched return date” (news article, June 21):

Betesh has been trying to illegally kick these tenants out since he bought Nos. 83 and 85 Bowery. He sued the tenants in 2016 to get an order of eviction with no compensation to the tenants. He wrongfully stated the building was not rent-regulated. He tried to lowball the tenants to leave for $15,000 per apartment. Why haven’t charges been filed against him and his lawyers?

Betesh claims to have not known about structural problems until after purchasing the buildings. Who buys a building constructed in 1890 without having an engineer inspect it thoroughly? That is total BS, Mr. Betesh, as are most of your other excuses.

Don Moder


More Felder frustration

To The Editor:

Re “Kids calls for more speed cameras near schools” (news article, June 21):

Senator Felder represents speeders and morticians and not his constituents or the general public safety and welfare of the people of this state.

Voters should just say “No” to Senator Felder and support me, Blake Morris, for state Senate in Brooklyn’s District 17 in the Democratic Primary on Thurs., Sept. 13. Let Senator Felder hear you.

Blake Morris
Morris is a Democratic candidate for state Senate in Brooklyn’s District 17


Something isn’t right here

To The Editor:

Re “Wants to be on C.B. 3” (Scoopy’s Notebook, May 31):

Dear Scoopy, thanks for your write-up of me in your column of May 31.  If I may, I would like to add a few comments.

I am not really furious at not being reappointed to Community Board 3. I am more furious at the treatment I have received from Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer.

One day before the C.B. 3 appointments for 2017 were announced, I was informed by then-Councilmember Rosie Mendez that I would not be reappointed. She told me that B.P. Brewer had determined that it was a conflict of interest since I prepared Rosie’s taxes.

I should note here that for much of the time that Margarita Lopez was the District 2 city councilmember, I not only prepared Margarita’s taxes but was the treasurer of two of her campaigns, and prepared the financial statements that elected officials are required to submit. No one ever said a word then, and there was no conflict of interest then, either.

Then B.P. Brewer called me personally and told me that she believed it was a conflict of interest, that she wasn’t reappointing me that year. She also promised me that if I reapplied in January 2018, as soon as Rosie was out of office (which I did), she would appoint me to the first opening on C.B. 3.

There was an opening in January and I didn’t hear from them. When I called, I was directed to someone in Brewer’s office who told me that I was wrong. She told me that I had to go through the process and be considered along with the new applicants. I said that I was told directly by the B.P. otherwise. Obviously, someone was lying to me.

It is clear to me that there is a hidden agenda here — or maybe not so hidden. There were some interesting tidbits of information in your column, Scoopy, such as how Artie Strickler, the late district manager of Community Board 2, seemed to indicate that he played a role in who got appointed to his board. I thought that any district manager having any say as to who got appointed to a board was illegal.

Did C.B. 3 District Manager Susan Stetzer confer with Brewer about me? Stetzer certainly hates me, as I have been very critical of how she treats her office staff and shows favoritism to certain board members. Was my preparing Rosie Mendez’s taxes simply an excuse to get me off the board?  Doesn’t Stetzer realize that now that I am off the board, I am freer to go after her for the things I find unconscionable about her behavior?

You called me part of the dissident faction on C.B. 3. I wear that title proudly. You should know that of the 15 people who had the guts to support Chad Marlow for chairperson in 2014, only three are left. Two were thrown off: Ayo Harrington — which was gross censorship, in my opinion — and me. The others quit. Many of them felt that C.B. 3 had become a waste of their time. C.B. 3 is known as not a very strong board. It is getting weaker, and if something isn’t done soon, it will have no power at all.

As for the appointment of Alistair Economakis to C.B. 3, I might give Brewer the benefit of the doubt that she didn’t know what he had done. If she did know, then her appointing him is terrible. If Stetzer urged his appointment, that is not only illegal, but reprehensible.

If Brewer appointed Economakis to the board knowing his history, then I am glad she didn’t reappoint me. I wouldn’t want an appointment from someone who would make such a horrible decision.

I remember a statement that Brewer made at one of the board interview sessions. She said that it was important to keep longtime board members who have a knowledge of the community’s history on the boards.  Obviously, she didn’t mean me.

I have asked Brewer’s office for a face-to-face meeting with Brewer, former Councilmember Rosie Mendez and current Councilmember Carlina Rivera. I want to know why Brewer didn’t reappoint me after stating that she was. So far, I haven’t heard back from them.

Anne Johnson


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