Letters to the Editor, Week of June 21, 2018

H.S. fight mostly symbolic

To The Editor:

Re “ ‘Keep the test!’ Asian-Americans slam mayor’s plan on elite schools” (news article, June 14):

Mayor de Blasio’s position and logic on this issue are ridiculous. As someone pointed out to me, there are only 5,000 freshman seats a year that involve the Specialized High School Admission Test — but we have many, many thousands of more students who need remedial help.

Leave the specialized high schools alone; they are working at near perfection. If you pass the test, you get in. Help the kids who need the remedial help, so that they can pass the test.

In addition, there are many very good and nurturing New York City high schools, such as the two Bard schools, Francis Lewis, Cardozo, Bayside, Beacon, Townsend Harris, Scholars’ Academy and Eleanor Roosevelt, just to name a few, that already base their admissions on a variety of criteria that are excellent choices, that open a bright future for those kids who work hard.

Dan Gould


Blaz must show leadership

To The Editor:

Re “ ‘Keep the test!’ Asian-Americans slam mayor’s plan on elite schools” (news article, June 14):

Great rally! The mayor’s proposed legislation is tabled for this legislative session and he should just withdraw it. The mayor’s proposal is ill conceived and not vetted.

What the mayor should do is convene a blue-ribbon panel of experts to review this entire matter and educate the public. And there should be a citywide public hearing process for the public to be informed and to have the opportunity to express themselves.

If the mayor exercised some leadership here, I am confident that the vast majority of people could find a consensus moving forward.

Blake Morris
Morris is a Democratic candidate for state Senate in Brooklyn’s District 17


Pass the test, you get in

To The Editor:

Re “ ‘Keep the test!’ Asian-Americans slam mayor’s plan on elite schools” (news article, June 14):

Equal opportunity for all aspiring students regardless of race, creed or religion.

Keep the tests. Pass the test and you are in regardless of your racial background.

De Blasio is race-baiting Asians and Caucasians.

Arthur Chan


Bending an elbow upstairs

To The Editor:

Re “Anthony Bourdain never lost his taste of the L.E.S.” (news article, June 14):”

Rest peacefully, Anthony Bourdain. My condolences to the family, friends and to all who mourn his loss.

Heaven holds no judgment. Life is the heaven or hell we make it to be.

I can only imagine the episodes Anthony would do from heaven, bending an elbow with the big guy on cloud nine located in parts unknown by heaven’s gate.

Glenn Berman


Hey, there’s an election!

To The Editor:

Re “Pier fear: C.B. 2 issues emergency opinion on Pier 40” (news article, June 7):

I take exception to this line of your article, “the first vice chairperson of C.B. 2, who is in line to be the board’s next chairperson.”

The chairperson of Community Board 2 is, in fact, an elected position. There is no position on the board that is ascendant to be the next chairperson. The bylaws actually set up a thing called an election. Board members are nominated, each gives a speech, and then each of the 50 members is given a vote to elect the next chairperson. It is not an anointed or appointed, but elected, position.

Has there been a survey of the board members (five of whom were appointed just last month) that showed 26 committed to a specific member of the board?

I have heard of news outlets calling elections before the polls have closed, but I have never heard of a news outlet calling an election seven months before the polls have even opened.

Joe Gallagher
Gallagher is a member, Community Board 2 


In ‘Vanguard’ of arts

To The Editor:

Re “Lorraine Gordon, 95, Village Vanguard owner” (obituary, June 14):

A true champion of arts, the world needs more people like her! R.I.P.

John Pischedda


Apothecary cared

To The Editor:

Re “Village Apothecary: Expanding yet keeping the personal touch” (news article, June 14):

It is lovely to remember their kindness to so many, and their always-spectacular service — especially with Pride celebrations coming up and us elders remembering those who passed without having the helping hand that the Village Apothecary gave to so many.

Diane Lebedeff


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