Different direction, same duration for March

Some “motorcycle mamas” proudly kissed in front of the historic Stonewall Inn, the birthplace of the modern gay-rights movement. Photos by Q. Sakamaki

Governor Andrew Cuomo, who legalized same-sex marriage in New York State, was in the thick of it at Sunday’s Pride March.

A couple of real knockouts from Transfolk of Asian Descent got ready to kick it into high gear as they paused for a photo while marching down Seventh Ave. South through the Village.

A proud pup and his buddy added to the colorful cavalcade at Sunday’s Pride March.

The Pride March went in the opposite direction this year — starting in Chelsea, wending through the Village and going past the legendary Stonewall Inn, and then finishing up on Fifth Ave. in the 30s. The contingents were pared down a bit this year, too, in hopes that the parade would finish up a bit faster, which would, in turn, cut down on the time police officers would need to be detailed to the event, and reduce the city’s costs, as well. Yet when all was said and done, the fabulous moving confab only finished 10 minutes earlier than last year — and was still more than a nine-hour-long affair. Chelsea residents were also up in arms about the March marshaling in their neck of the woods this time. Local politicians vowed that it would all be done differently next year, which, with the World Pride event slated for New York City — plus, the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots — is expected to bring even larger crowds. At any rate, as usual, “Dykes on Bikes” revved up the thousands of spectators, politicians and political hopefuls — like Governor Andrew Cuomo and Democratic challenger Cynthia Nixon — pressed the flesh, and the many participants really packed a punch of fun and Pride, from Transfolk of Asian Descent to high-flying L.G.B.T.Q. cheerleaders to contingents from local houses of worship.

Cynthia Nixon, the openly lesbian former “Sex and the City” actress who is running for governor, shook hands with excited Pride Marchgoers.

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