Assange ‘back channel’ Credico forks over computer, phone in ‘Russiagate’ feud with Roger Stone

BY LINCOLN ANDERSON | Robert Mueller might be a little interested in this one!

Saying he is sick and tired of Roger Stone lying about him — and, more recently, allegedly threatening him — in connection with the ongoing so-called “Russiagate” probe, Randy Credico says he is fighting back.

“I’m going to bury him,” Credico told The Villager in a recent phone interview.

Specifically, Credico — the standup comic-turned-gonzo radio journalist who has befriended WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange — said he has turned over both his personal computer and his cell phone to “a national magazine.”

“I gave all of my e-mails…going back 16 years,” Credico said, “back to when to when I was on AOL.”

While he would not name the publication, he described it as “a national, award-winning, well-respected magazine with a lot of influence.”

Asked if it was The New Yorker or The Atlantic, Credico would not say.

At another point, though, he said the article might not actually appear in a magazine.

“It’s a major publication and the person is an award-winning writer, but I’m not saying if it’s a magazine or newspaper,” he said.

He predicted, though, it will be “a huge story.”

Of Stone, he said, “He rattled the cage too much, and I’m going to go out and tell the truth.”

Credico also shared with The Villager screenshots of allegedly “harassing” e-mails that he received from Stone within the past three months. He said he sent screenshots because he didn’t want to risk the magazine writer killing the story if it became known Credico was forwarding any of the actual e-mails to another publication.

A screenshot of an e-mail that Randy Credico said Roger Stone sent to him in April.

Credico said he could not send The Villager any text messages because he “lost 90 percent of them” — meaning, he no longer has them in his possession — when he gave the magazine writer his phone.

In the angry and often expletive-filled e-mails, Stone accuses Credico of “wearing a wire for Mueller” — as in, trying to gather information that could be used apparently against Assange.

“He’s a cornered rat,” Credico said of Stone, as to why the messages became so hostile.

In one of his e-mails to Credico, Stone says the same about him: “You are corner [sic] of like the lying rat you are.”

Stone, the notorious G.O.P. operative and former Trump campaign adviser — who sports a Richard Nixon back tattoo — has been in the crosshairs of the ongoing investigations into alleged Russian collusion in the 2016 presidential election. In August 2016, he hinted that WikiLeaks would be publishing damaging e-mails from John Podesta — Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager — gloatingly tweeting, “It will soon [be] Podesta’s turn in the barrel.” Similarly, in October 2016, Stone showed possible advance knowledge of another e-mail “dump” that would harm the candidate, when he tweeted, “Wednesday Hillary Clinton is done #WikiLeaks.”

To Credico’s chagrin, Stone later allegedly identified Credico — who had had Assange as a guest on his WBAI radio show — to congressional probers as Stone’s “back channel,” or connection, to the WikiLeaks leader. WBAI subsequently pulled the plug on his show.

Credico actually only visited Assange in person for the first time at the Ecuadorian embassy in London a year after the election — in late 2017.

In one allegedly recent, though undated, e-mail, Stone fumes at Credico: “You are a pathetic loser. Let’s see who’s around a year from now and who isn’t c—sucker.”

Credico and Stone — seen together at the former Yippie Cafe, at 9 Bleecker St., 10 years ago — initially bonded over their opposition to New York’s Rockefeller Drug Laws, though are now at each other’s throats over the “Russiagate” probes. Credico, who was hosting a comedy night at the cafe, had invited Stone to come along, then asked him up onto the stage to say a few words about the harsh drug laws. Aron Kay, the “Yippie Pie Man,” said Stone tried to buy pot from the Yippies, but Kay turned him down. “I don’t know you,” Kay told him.

In another, he seethes: “Barrett rots in hell and you shall soon join him. It’s over! You lose!”

Barrett is a reference to famed Village Voice investigative reporter Wayne Barrett.

In other e-mails provided to The Villager, Stone blasts Credico as a “maggot” and “drunk cokehead” — and mockingly tells him to go snort more drugs.

On April 8, Stone wrote to Credico: “Do another rail!” adding, “[I] Just put $2,000 behind another ad on Facebook targeting progressives.”

Credico has been open about his struggles with substance abuse.

On April 7, Stone wrote Credico: “You are the last person I would have thought would help the Deep State f— Assange — wearing a f—ing wire. Everyone is [sic] says u are wearing a wire for Mueller.”

“I am so ready,” Stone added in another e-mail to him on April 9. “Let’s get it on c—sucker. Prepare to die.”

Stone more than once makes reference to Credico sucking up to Ari Melber, the host of MSNBC’s “The Beat,” on whose show Credico has appeared recently.

“Why does your breath smell like Ari Melber’s a–?” Stone accuses.

A screenshot of an e-mail Roger Stone sent to Randy Credico, referring to the late muckraking Village Voice journalist Wayne Barrett.

In an e-mail on May 27, Stone again hurls threats at Credico: “I’ll still piss on your grave. You are exposed as a liar who wears women’s underwear. You never discussed being interrogated by Schiff with Assange — caught in another lie. Any time. You and me. You are a chickens— coward but justice will find you soon.”

Credico recently stated on Melber’s show that he met with Adam Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, to tell him Assange was willing to meet with Schiff at the Ecuadorian embassy to prove there was no collusion in the election.

“I had gone there with a mandate from Assange for Mr. Schiff to go over there and interview him,” Credico told Melber regarding his Washington, D.C., meeting with the congressmember. “I got the O.K. from Assange for him to do that. … He’s ready to sit down with Schiff and be interviewed.”

But Schiff subsequently said he would only talk to Assange once he’s in U.S. custody, not before.

The House Intelligence Committee, meanwhile, ended its “Russiagate” investigation this April — though if the Democrats win control of the House, it reportedly could be reopened. The Senate House Intelligence Committee still has an open investigation.

Credico was subpoenaed to give a deposition before the House Intelligence Committee last December, but pleaded the Fifth Amendment against self-incrimination. At the time, his laywer, Martin Stolar, said it was too risky because Credico could easily perjure himself if he wasn’t careful — since the wisecracking Credico is too free with his words, plus it’s easy for a person to get tripped up in such instances.

Of course, Special Counsel Mueller’s lengthy, wide-ranging probe is ongoing. But Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani is pushing hard for Mueller to wrap it up.

Meanwhile, in an e-mail back to Stone, Credico said Stone’s version of events is all just a sham — and all essentially to feed Stone’s ego.

“You invented yourself into the story,” Credico told him. “You played no role in 2016… all will come out.”

Similarly, Credico told The Villager: “Assange wouldn’t touch him — but then [Stone] lied, trying to be a back channel. He’s a megalomaniac.”

At the same time, Credico conceded of himself, “I’m a comic, so I have a big ego and I like attention.”

An e-mail Roger Stone allegedly sent Randy Credico a few weeks ago.

As for Stone’s charges that Credico has been wearing a wire, Credico said, dismissively, “He sends out e-mails early in the morning in an altered state.”

In turn, told that Credico had sent The Villager screenshots of Stone’s e-mails to him, Stone charged that Credico had altered them.

“Sadly, Randy has, as he has with other media outlets, sent you cherry-picked e-mails which in many cases are severely edited,” Stone said in a text message. “Most are out of context or have been doctored. In fact, I have extensive evidence which I will turn over to authorities that demonstrates that he is the one who is threatening me while I have consistently urged him to simply tell the truth. … As you may know, Randy also gave an on-the-record interview with Artvoice, a longtime respected progressive alternative newspaper, in which he confirmed that he had been my back channel and confirming source with Wikileaks.”

In that interview, published last month, Credico told Artvoice: “I was a confirming source, but I wasn’t a back channel. I wasn’t coordinating with [Stone]. I told Roger, ‘You have to just follow Assange’s Tweets.’”

Artvoice wrote, “Stone argues that ‘back channel’ and ‘confirming source’ are the same thing.”

Stone reiterated to The Villager: “Sadly, Randy is so driven now by his desperate need to be relevant that he has resorted to lying, forgery and late-night threats” — “forgery” referring to Stone’s e-mails that he charges were altered.

Stone further said his “prepare to die” e-mail wasn’t a threat — but a reference to the fact that Credico is ill.

Told of that, Credico responded, “He’s completely lying, like everything else. If you don’t know his character by now, there’s nothing I can do.”

He added that he had a health test that “came back negative,” and he’s fine.

Credico assures there was no Russian collusion — or any collusion, for that matter — in the 2016 presidential race. Nevertheless, he said Stone is confident that he will be pardoned, if needed, by President Trump — because Trump would have no choice.

“Stone is emboldened because he’s going to get a pardon by the president, no matter what,” Credico predicted. “He’s got a lot on the president. He’s known him for 40 years. He’s got a lot more than ‘The Dossier.’ ”

In addition to the big article set to come out, Credico said he is now “in serious negotiations” to do a book, as well.

“I am writing a book with a co-writer,” he said. “Fasten your seatbelt!”

Asked if he had any working titles for it, Credico gave a few that he has been kicking around: “The Intermediary: Roger and Me” and “What’s a Guy Like Me Doing in a Mess Like This?”

In a final tease, Credico said, “I could tell you a lot more about subpoenas. … I’m expecting another subpoena very soon. … I’m not out of the woods on this yet.”

Randy Credico — who says he has formed a friendship with WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange — flagged this upcoming event on Tues., June 19, for The Villager. “Brollies” is slang for umbrellas in rainy England.

As for Stone’s “women’s underwear” reference, conservative filmmaker David Lugo said a disheveled Credico’s pants were nearly falling down when he showed up for an interview Lugo did with the two of them, and that Credico was, in fact, sporting women’s panties.

But former East Village activist John Penley cheekily said it’s just another smear attempt against Credico.

“I have been following Stone and Credico’s breakup,” he said, “and in my opinion, Roger Stone went to too many of Roy Cohn’s private J. Edgar Hoover parties with Donald Trump and that’s why he is saying Credico wears women’s panties.”

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