Viva Loisaida! Rain doesn’t dampen groove and good times

Dancers getting in the groove at Sunday’s Loisaida Festival. Photos by Bob Krasner

There was plenty of enthusiasm from those who attended Sunday’s annual Loisaida Festival on Avenue C, but the weather definitely kept the numbers down.  The opening parade went on as scheduled in the rain, led by a marching drumline courtesy of Fogo Azul. They were accompanied by marchers sporting handmade outfits honoring historical figures and Mother Nature, as well as inspired onlookers and an M14D bus, which had no choice but to patiently follow along. Quality musical

Andre Otero, accompanied by butterflies, led the parade down Avenue D

performances drew sparse crowds at the main stage, while the “theater stage” in the La Plaza Cultural garden, at E. Ninth St., saw a full crowd gather for its presentations, many of which were in Spanish. Some vendors kept their merchandise covered up until the rain finally stopped sometime mid-afternoon. Many of the booths were set up by community organizations. Goodwill was spread by actor Luis Guzman, who graciously posed for many selfies in a cap that read, “Just a kid from the Lower East Side,” which he is.

— Bob Krasner

Actor Luis Guzman, right, with a friend from the neighborhood. Guzman’s cap says, “Just a kid from the Lower East Side.”

Alfredo De La Fé, on violin, accompanied singer Nayibe La Gitana on the
main stage.

Enjoying the festival was their pet project!

Festivalgoers who loved the entertainment showed some love back for the performers.

It was a world of fun as the Loisaida Festival parade made its way up Avenue C.

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