Trader Joe’s-mania grips Spring St.

The finishing touches are being put on the new Trader Joe’s, at Spring St. and Sixth Ave., which is set to open in about two weeks. Photos by Tequila Minsky

BY TEQUILA MINSKY | Excitement is building for the new Trader Joe’s supermarket set to open soon on the north side Spring St. midblock between Sixth Ave. and Varick St. As of now, word is the opening will be Fri., May 18.

Residents and workers in the west Soho / Hudson Square area have been curiously peering inside the space, where last-minute touches are being made and plenty of shelves are waiting to be stocked. One sign that is already up says bananas, organic ones no less, will be on sale for 25 cents apiece — that’s a bit cheaper than the usual jacked-up price at local delis for nonorganic bananas.

And, of course, there will be a full selection of Trader Joe’s faves, like gluten-free frozen pizza, chicken tikka masala, “Unexpected Cheddar Cheese,” premium wild salmon burgers, corn-and-chili tomato-less salsa, peanut butter pretzels, plumcots, spatchcocked chicken and much more, all featuring the chain’s affordable prices. The neighborhood has long been known as a supermarket desert, so this new shopping option is being eagerly welcomed — plus, it’s Trader Joe’s, which has a fanatic following among local foodies.

Coming soon: Organic bananas for just a quarter piece.

Aaron Schneider, who lives on Thompson St., is definitely psyched for this store.

“They’re known for good quality, good prices,” said Aaron Schneider, whose routine has been to go up to the Trader Joe’s on Sixth Ave. and 22nd St. once or twice a week with his food cart or a backpack to lug back his goods.

He kvells about the prices.

“For example, a 2.6-ounce bottle of powdered garlic costs $2 — elsewhere $4 to 6.”

He, like everyone in Soho, Hudson Square, the South Village and probably Tribeca, too is absolutely thrilled.

“I don’t have to shop ahead of time for a whole week,” he said. “I can go and pick a few items as I need it. It’ll be so convenient.”

And neighbors can choose times to shop there when it’s not that busy.

This writer, for one, knows that a dozen eggs at Trader Joe’s are sometimes $2 to $3 less than at other local supermarkets and that the steel-cut oatmeal is $1.50 less than that at the closest supermarket.

Correction: The original version of this article said the new Trader Joe’s is located on the corner of Spring St. and Sixth Ave., but it’s actually midblock on Spring St. between Sixth Ave. and Varick St.

Buckets ready to be filled at the soon-to-open store at Spring St. and Sixth Ave.

Shopping carts wait at the ready as workers inside the store get ready for its opening in a couple of weeks.

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