Scoopy’s Notebook, Week of May 17, 2018

Women win at V.I.D.: Three days after last week’s big town hall for statewide candidates at P.S. 41, the Village Independent Democrats endorsed an all-woman ticket of Cynthia Nixon for governor and Kathy Hochul for lieutenant governor. Nixon got 20 votes to Andrew Cuomo’s 3, though a large number of club members, 15, didn’t really like either candidate, voting no endorsement. In the L.G. Democratic primary election, 20 V.I.D.’ers backed Hochul to 14 for City Councilmember Jumaane Williams, with four no endorsements. Said Erik Coler, the club’s president, “The endorsements of Cynthia Nixon and Kathy Hochul mirrors what we’re seeing across the nation. It is the year of the woman. There is a great enthusiasm at V.I.D. for female candidates.”

The “Living Statue” won’t be hanging around Washington Square Park — or even the Big Apple, for that matter — anymore after his arrest in the park last month. Photo by Sharon Woolums

Adios, New York: Well, that’s it. Whoever wanted Johan Figueroa-González to stop doing his act on the Washington Square Arch has gotten their wish. The park’s “Living Statue” has thrown in the proverbial towel — in his case, marble-hued — and plans to return to his native Puerto Rico, where they apparently appreciate mimes mucho more. Figueroa-González was arrested Fri., April 13, after police ordered him to get down from the park’s Arch, but he continued his performance, wanting to complete it first. He has been posting on Facebook about his plans to return to the Island.

Probe problems, etc.: Speaking of the governor’s race, we recently bumped into Randy Credico at a Friday night dinner. He said he was surprised he wasn’t invited to the V.I.D. town hall, but that, well, he would probably be dropping out of the running, anyway, before long. Credico continues to insist Nixon is a terrible public speaker — but we felt she did fine at the Village forum. As one person put it, “She’s an actor. Of course, she’s a good speaker.” Meanwhile, former East Village activist John Penley tells us he’s sure that Credico — wearing his other (unwanted?) “Russiagate” hat — is talking to Special Counsel Robert Mueller about G.O.P. lobbyist and Donald Trump ally Roger Stone. Stone, who continues to be in the crosshairs of Mueller’s never-ending probe, recently was “threatening” Credico — and his little dog, Bianca, too — Penley noted. Stone has called Credico his “back channel” to WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange, who dumped reams of e-mails online from Hillary Clinton’s campaign during the election. However, both Credico and Martin Stolar, his attorney, denied the stand-up comic-turned-radio journo is narcing out Stone to the feds. When we asked Stolar about it, he burst out laughing. “That rumor is one I would call high speculation and bulls—,” he scoffed. “I would know. I’ve had lots of clients do things behind my back, but it ain’t there. This is absurd.” For his part, Credico told us, “I’m not talking to Mueller. I just spent two hours speaking to the Wall Street Journal to clear that up. Stone is paranoid. … I’m going to the Kettle of Fish.” Credico was also tossed out of the recent White House Correspondents’ Dinner after he jumped up and angrily demanded to know why no one there was defending Assange. He pointed out that it’s all about the First Amendment and freedom of speech, right? On top of that, he was also highly incensed that no media got a photo of his arrest!

P.B., the place to be: The winners of this year’s Participatory Budgeting process for City Council District 3 (the Village, Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen) will be announced at Council Speaker Corey Johnson’s West Side Summit, on the High Line, at 14th St., at 1 p.m. on Sun., May 20. Meanwhile, Marni Halasa, the Chelsea Piers skating instructor / ubiquitous costumed activist, who ran against Johnson last year, recently told us — at that same regular Friday night dinner, though one a few weeks before the one Credico attended — that she wants to do an analysis of the “P.B.” ballot items that come up for a vote in District 3, because usually most of them are in Chelsea. We have noticed that, too, in recent years. Actually, we hear from Johnson’s office that there’s a reason for it: The Robert Fulton Houses and Chelsea-Elliot Houses are in Chelsea, and are among the district’s neediest areas. We’re also informed there is a local volunteer committee of residents that identifies the specific P.B. items for each go-round, and that anyone can join it and participate.

Correction: Last week’s article on the candidates town hall said Nixon pledged that, under her, the state would be on track to have 100 percent renewable energy by 2015. That’s one (retroactive) campaign promise that surely would be hard to keep! In fact, she said by 2050.

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