Midori Takada at The Kitchen

Midori Takada is in performance at The Kitchen on May 21. | Photo by Eri Harada

Given the towering plumes of toxicity spewing into the American political atmosphere as of late, one could argue there’s probable cause to critique the current presidential administration as using “its energy and spirit towards instigating an outward-bound offensive and a course of domination, not a spirit based on building one’s inner self.” But the author of that quote was actually referring to Western classical music, whose doctrine stands in stark contrast to her own approach. Working from the perspective of what the press material notes is an “encyclopedic knowledge of Asian and African percussive traditions and a clear kinship with Reich and Glass,” Japanese percussionist, composer, and theater artist Midori Takada arrives at The Kitchen on May 21 for a solo performance. With the marimba as her anchor and a variety of other instruments spread across the stage, Takada creates a form of minimalist music whose looping melodies and slowly building rhythms combine to create a hypnotic state that could very well be your gateway to much-needed contemplation and clarity.

Mon., May 21, 8pm at The Kitchen (512 W. 19th St., btw. 10th & 11th Aves.). For tickets ($25), visit thekitchen.org or call 212-255-5793, x11; or, in person at the box office, Tues.-Sat., 2-6pm. Facebook: facebook.com/TheKitchenNYC
Twitter: twitter.com/TheKitchen_NYC
. Instagram: instagram.com/TheKitchen_NYC.

—Scott Stiffler

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