Letters to The Editor, Week of May 31, 2018

Of time and the river

To The Editor:

Re “From wild waterfront and splintered piers to fancy park of today, we’ve come a long way” (Hudson River Park @ 20 special section, May 24):

Thank you so much for that remembrance by Michele Herman and the photos. Having been on the waterfront since 1988, it’s amazing to see the changes. I almost forgot how abandoned some of the waterfront was. Good memories of a place that wasn’t as pretty as it is now — but was a lot less crowded. Watching a sunset alone over the crumbling piers — with little on the New Jersey side to obstruct the view other than the chemical haze — will always be my bliss.

Brian McNulty


Could be ‘L’-ish for us, too

To The Editor:

Re “L of a lot of issues raised at L train town hall” (news article, May 17):

Has anyone mentioned what the impact would be on traffic going crosstown from Ninth Ave. into Abingdon Square and onto Bleecker St.? I assume the overflow has to go somewhere when one area is affected. All the conversation seems to be about 13th St. and above. I live at Bank St. at the corner of Eighth Ave. and Bleecker, opposite Abingdon Playground.

Barbara Ruether


What is Berk’s beef?

To The Editor:

Re “Raising cane” (Police Blotter, May 17):

My first reaction to the Police Blotter item on the righteous indignation of Ms. Berk about the homeless person who, for many years, has been permitted by the Charles St. synagogue to take shelter in its doorway (many steps up from the sidewalk) was, “Here we go again.”

Berk lives at 95 Christopher St. If it’s O.K. with the synagogue for this man to be there, why is her nose out of joint? Guess it’s time for another 15 minutes of media exposure. Odd how there just happened to be a photographer nearby to snap her photo.

Berk is confrontational, quick to blame all her problems — real or imagined — on someone else, clearly unhappy, and seems to wake up every day itching for the opportunity to file yet another willful and capricious complaint against the Sixth Precinct, or to write a letter to the editor or have an “article” about her in The Villager setting forth a litany of life’s injustices that are directed solely toward her. Hopefully, the actions of the N.Y.P.D. may give her pause.

Marjorie Reitman


Moving too fast on pot

To The Editor:

Re “ ‘Sens and the city’: Free the weed!” (news article, May 17):

We must end racism in policing. Police need education, training and counseling, and there must be real consequences for racist acts while in uniform. Eric Garner was killed for selling cigarettes — a legal substance. The courts are filled with black and Latino “defendants” who are there for an array of absurd “violations.”

Meanwhile, marijuana has had very few reputable studies done about it.

In his Daily News column last week, Errol Louis wrote: “Yasmin Hurd, a professor of neuroscience, psychiatry and pharmacology who runs the Addiction Institute at Mount Sinai Hospital…told me the rush to legalization has outstripped what we know about the downsides of marijuana use: ‘Millions of people in the U.S. have a clinical diagnosis of cannabis use disorder. It’s always shocking that people don’t realize that you can become addicted to marijuana,’ she told me. ‘Different people have different vulnerabilities; it’s not that everyone who smokes will become addicted. But definitely the increased frequency of use, especially earlier teenagers, young children — the earlier they start using, the higher the concentration of THC they use, all enhance addiction vulnerability.”

People who use medical marijuana for pain and / or addiction issues need health experts to assist and inform them. Others may “choose” to use it recreationally, but society has a rightful interest in any broad implications that may have.

Profiteers want profits, no matter what it costs people. John Boehner “evolved” in his thinking as he joined the board of Acreage Holdings (a cannabis corporation operating in 11 states), and politicians want votes or approval. The sudden push for pot legalization without sufficient study of this drug’s downsides and no overarching plan for ending racism in policing may not be in the best interests of our children, city or state.

K Webster


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