Letters to The Editor, Week of May 17, 2018

Silver should have testified

To The Editor:

I am dumbfounded as to why Silver did not testify at either of his trials. Although powerful in Albany, he was rather modest and neighborly when back in his district. He was smart as they come, and I can’t imagine a prosecutor tripping him up on cross-examination.

I’m betting that every day Shelly Silver woke up, he thought of himself as a public servant. He probably could have sold that image of himself to a jury. His age and health would have made him sympathetic.

As for Dr. Taub, the $500,000 in grants from the state, for asbestos treatments and research, was money exceptionally well spent. He got it before making referrals. Taub is positively revered for his work. Whatever law firms represented the asbestos victims he knew, it makes no difference to taxpayers.

In the end, Silver did well by doing good. I don’t like the system, but his conviction doesn’t feel like justice to me. Does it send a message to politicians? Yeah: Juries will hate you, if a prosecutor asks them to.

Paul J. Bosco


SLAPP-happy over ruling

To The Editor:

Re “Dwellers are kvellers after judge SLAPPs down bar’s defame suit” (news article, May 10):

Great ruling for the Lower East Side Dwellers and Diem Boyd and Sara Romanoski — both fierce fighters in the ongoing battle to maintain quality of life for residents and small businesses in our Downtown neighborhoods.

Pete Davies


Farting — it’s a real blast!

To The Editor:

Re “Ex-lax-clusive: ‘Village Farter’ blows his cover” (news article, May 10):

Farting is part of nature. It is an aspect of health. It is a necessity of life.

Like other forms of elimination, it should be enjoyed and respected.

George Jochnowitz


Why stop? Farts forever!

To The Editor:

Re “Ex-lax-clusive: ‘Village Farter’ blows his cover” (news article, May 10):

This reporter asked exactly what I would have asked this guy. I would get bored with this stunt and stop after a couple of successful attempts. But this guy does not. He simply loves the stunt and the laugh he or the passerby gets. And he does what he loves, because it’s sometimes five times a week!

Donnie Moder


No to Pulse park memorial

To The Editor:

Hey, City Council Speaker Corey Johnson, the Village does not need another Cuomo edifice in Hudson River Park — a feel-good memorial, ignoring the pain and anguish of the queer holocaust, ignoring a society wedded to the gun.

The Council should deny Cuomo’s edifice to the Orlando Pulse club shooting and instead take the $14 million and use it to support homeless youths stricken with H.I.V. and AIDS.

You can also do me a favor and make sure this “memorial” does not end up in the rising waters of our river, the Hudson, either.

And speaking of the Hudson, Speaker Johnson, you opened a Pandora’s box when you and Andrew Berman of G.V.S.H.P. allowed the Pier 40 air-rights’ transfer despite your misgivings about the illegal transfer. That is going to require a lot of forgetting by the electorate.

Mel Stevens


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