Scoopy’s Notebook, Week of April 5, 2018

Dialing Doris: As we recently reported, Doris Diether, the legendary zoning maven of Community Board 2, was without a working landline and was making do with her fax phone. We recently spoke to Diether, 89, on her normal phone, which had finally been fixed after a month on the fritz, and we got the 411 from her. Basically, in addition to battling it out with the phone company over whether she owed any money during the outage — which occurred over portions of two months — she told us she was surprised that, even while using the fax phone, she was harassed by scammers. Of course, as usual, Diether did her best to sleuth them out and get the goods on them. In one con attempt, a guy called asking her to pay $300 for a trial of DIRECTV, assuring she could get her money back if not satisfied. Yeah, right! “I was being hesitant, as usual,” Diether related, noting she stayed on the line with the jerk for a half an hour. “You know, I try to get the information from them,” she explained. “They’re very persistent, they called four times on two different days.” First, they called from San Antonio, then the next day from somewhere in Ohio. In a separate scam, some dopes were trying to get her to give them $850 for a MoneyGram in connection with vacant land in Florida that she actually owns. “I don’t know what they wanted it for,” she said, adding that the land is “buildable.” Per her routine, Diether plans to give the info to the state Attorney General’s Office. And that’s the fax.

Off-target: Now we’re hearing that, in fact, it’s actually a Target — and not a Trader Joe’s, as we reported last week — that is being courted for the vacant former Mrs. Green’s supermarket space at Bethune and Hudson Sts. Well, all we know at this point is that it just seems to be a “T” thing and to involve a chain store.

Feeling oppressed: Dana Beal outside of Unoppressive Non-Imperialist Bargain Books on Carmine St. a couple of weekends ago. Photos by Scoopy

The Beal Deal: As Mary Reinholz reports in this week’s issue, Dana Beal was surprisingly at the book reading for Pat Thomas’s new Jerry Rubin coffee-table tome on Carmine St. the other weekend. “I’m starting the Dennis Perrone Museum and Big-Top Pot Supermarket,” the Yippie veteran told us after the event, adding, “It’s going to be the Trader Joe’s” of marijuana. (Not the Target, we hope!) Beal was recently arrested for trying to truck pot out of Northern California — a mere few weeks before the state legalized weed. What’s up with his trial? we asked him. Basically, he explained, he’s a small fish. “It’s being, like, delayed because they don’t have enough judges,” he said. “They don’t have the bandwidth to cover this. We had 22 pounds. Your average bust is 220 pounds there.” The former Bleecker St. resident stomped back into the bookstore, muttering about how pot is legal in California now, so why is he even on trial at all?

These boots were made for walkin’… Dana Beal, sporting his ever-present pair of footwear, certainly hopes so. He faces trial on pot-trafficking charges in California, though the case has been delayed.

Way to go, Renzo: The photo of the unidentified young boy sitting in front of artistic posters at the antigun march in last week’s issue was of Renzo Castrucci, who lives in Bullet Space, a former East Village squat. The posters were made by students in a School of Visual Arts class taught by his father, Andrew Castrucci.

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