Police Blotter: Week of April 5, 2018


A 25-year-old straphanger thwarted a group of teenage punks in their attempt to steal his headphones aboard a C train at Canal Street on Mar. 26.

The victim told police one of the would-be crooks snatched a pair of Beat headphones off his head as the train doors opened at the station near West Broadway at 1:30 pm.

But the fast-acting commuter managed to reclaim not only his headphones, but he snatched the thief’s backpack as well, cops said.

Unfortunately, the victim managed to get his foot caught in the perilous gap between train and platform, giving the pack of teenage delinquents time to surround the man, and the kids threatened to kill him if he didn’t return the bag, according to police.

Desperate, the man hurled the bag onto the platform, and the pack of kids went chasing after it, before fleeing further into the subway station, cops said.



Cops busted a 22-year-old man for allegedly ripping off the Broadway shoe store where he worked, stealing more than $3,500 since December.

A rep for the store told police that the suspect had been filing bogus returns at the retailer between Prince and Spring streets since Dec. 22, loading up Nike gift cards in exchange for the phantom kicks.



A thief broke into a woman’s car she parked on Thompson Street on Mar. 31, nabbing more than $1,200 worth of video games and other valuables.

The victim told police she parked her car between Watts and Grand streets at 2:15 pm, and returned about an hour later to find her rear passenger-side window busted, and her Nintendo 3DS, games, and other stuff stolen.



Some crook drove off with a man’s $7,000 smart car he parked on Fulton Street on Mar. 28.

The victim told police he left his pint-sized coop — unlocked, with keys in the ignition — between Dutch and Williams streets at 9:30 pm, and returned two minutes later to find an empty spot where his intelligent automobile had been.


A pickpocket made off with a woman’s smartphone aboard a 5 train she boarded at Brooklyn Bridge Station on Mar. 23.

The victim told police she felt a man press against her backpack and brush his hands over her jacket pockets at around 8:10 am, and, upon disembarking at Fulton Street, realized that her pricey iPhone 7 had been nabbed.

The victim used the Find My Phone app, which last showed her phone in the Bronx, but the device has since been offline, cops said.



A knife-wielding thug beat and robbed a woman aboard an R train she boarded at Cortlandt Street on Mar. 25.

The victim told police the brute snatched the phone from her hands and ordered her to hand over a bag she was carrying, before punching her in the face after she refused.

The man emptied the victim’s bag of all its valuables, including her wallet and iPad, and went to leave at Rector Street, but when the woman confronted her attacker a second time, the wretch drew a knife, before fleeing into the station, cops said.

The victim was able to track her cell with the Find My Phone app to the Church Avenue subway station in Brooklyn, where she found it in possession of MTA personnel, according to police.

Her $1,000 iPad, however, remains missing, cops said.



Cops busted a man after he was allegedly caught trying to swindle a Cordtlandt Street department store out of $1,400 in merchandise on Mar. 25.

Employees at the retail outlet between Trinity Place and Broadway told police the suspect affixed a $449 price tag to a $1,849 jacket, and then tried to purchase the garment at the illicit discount.

But the cashier proved wise to the simple con, and called over a security guard, who inspected the jacket and confirmed the man’s alleged trickery, according to police, who bagged the shopper on felony Grand Larceny charges, cops said.

— Colin Mixson

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