Police Blotter: Week of April 19, 2018


Cops arrested a man for allegedly ripping off some guy’s fingernail with a metal pipe on South Street on April 15.

The victim told police he’d been arguing with the suspect, who afterwards allegedly followed him to his car parked near the Battery and attacked him with the pipe at 12:51 pm.

Later, the suspect fought with and cursed at police as he attempted to resist arrest, according to police although officers were eventually able to slap cuffs on him.


Someone ripped off a ferryboat passenger out of Marina Pier on South Street on April 16, taking his wallet.

The victim, a tourist in from China, told police he disembarked from the Hornblower ship at a dock near Fulton Street, when he realized his backpack was mysteriously opened and that his wallet — along with his passport and visa — was stolen.


A pick-purse stole a woman’s phone inside the Fulton Street subway station on April 11.

The victim, 42, told police she was visiting family from out of town when she felt someone unzip her bag and turned around to see a man in a blue hoodie walking off with her cell into the station near Nassau Street at 4:50 pm.

The victim gave police her email following the theft, but was too “distraught” to fill out a police report, cops said.


A dastardly opportunist made off with a man’s wallet after he fell down a flight of stairs inside the Fulton Street subway station on Mar. 29.

The victim told police he dropped his wallet as he spilled down stairs at the station near William Street at 1:30 pm, and that some jerk snagged it and then dashed off in lieu of helping the man to his feet.


A teen pick-purse made off with a woman’s wallet on Broadway on Apr. 2.

The victim told police the crook bumped into her between Prince and Spring streets at 7:45 pm, and that several passersby then alerted her that the young thief had nabbed her wallet.

The woman attempted to give chase to sticky-fingered reprobate, but quickly lost sight of her in the crowd, cops said.



A man stole a pair of pricey Beats headphones from a woman at the Nassau Street subway station on Apr. 3.

The victim told police the crook snatched the $300 headphones right off her head as she waited for a Rockaway-bound A train at the station near Broadway at 7:20 pm before fleeing into the station towards parts unknown.



Five crooks looted a Broadway cell store on Apr. 2, taking $2,500 worth of electronics.

A worker told police the thieves entered the store between Vesey and Barclay streets at 2:42 pm, and immediately snatched an iPhone 7, 8, and X, before hightailing it out of there.

— Colin Mixson

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