Police Blotter: Week of April 12


A teen pick-purse made off with a woman’s wallet on Broadway on Apr. 2.

The victim told police the crook bumped into her between Prince and Spring streets at 7:45 pm, and that several passersby then alerted her that the young thief had nabbed her wallet.

The woman attempted to give chase to sticky-fingered reprobate, but quickly lost sight of her in the crowd, cops said.



A thief made off with two pricey controllers for scissor lifts from a Greenwich Street construction site sometime between Mar. 23 and 29.

A worker told police the crook made off with the controllers from the work site between 175 Greenwich St, setting his crew back $2,400.



A man stole a pair of pricey Beats headphones from a woman at the Nassau Street subway station on Apr. 3.

The victim told police the crook snatched the $300 headphones right off her head as she waited for a Rockaway-bound A train at the station near Broadway at 7:20 pm before fleeing into the station towards parts unknown.



Five crooks looted a Broadway cell store on Apr. 2, taking $2,500 worth of electronics.

A worker told police the thieves entered the store between Vesey and Barclay streets at 2:42 pm, and immediately snatched an iPhone 7, 8, and X, before hightailing it out of there.

— Colin Mixson

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