Now hats what I’m talkin’ ’bout! Easter Parade was a heady time for all

Artist / luxury personal shopper Vanessa Sterbenz — in front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral — has attended 20 consecutive Easter Parades. Among the ribbons, bows , butterflies and flowers are photos of her in previous years. Photos by Bob Krasner

Flower power ruled at the Easter Parade, followed closely by dogs with bunny ears. The annual spectacle, which is not really a parade but a gathering of sartorial splendor and creativity, is beginning to resemble Halloween more than its namesake holiday. We’re not complaining, but the preacher in front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral was, and loudly.

“It’s the end of times!” he declared, citing the “satanic” costumes around him as proof.

Getting in the Easter spirit — dogs with bunny ears.

Artists spent some serious time on their creations.

“I haven’t slept for two days,” high-end personal shopper Vanessa Sterbenz told us, while balancing a very large bouquet on her head.

Having a blue Easter.

Fashion influencer Patrica Fox took a different tack, enlisting five artists to contribute to her extremely colorful ensemble.

Political statements were not absent, with jabs at Donald Trump and the efforts of the Rise and Resist organization, who planted themselves in front of Rockefeller Center’s “Atlas” statue to protest the current administration’s actions against the environment.

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