Letters to The Editor, Week of April 5, 2018

Homeward bound no more

To The Editor:

Re “Never backward! But a change of direction for the Pride March” (news article, March 29):

Sorry to read this. Over the years, the March has changed routes, but each year when it crossed 14th St. it would amp up. The cheers would grow louder, the music would fill our narrow Village streets and dancers would gyrate a little harder. There was a beautiful sense of coming home. It’s hard to imagine it will be the same in Madison Square.

Stacy Walsh Rosenstock


C.B. 4 on Pr. 57: ‘Google it!’ 

To The Editor:

Re “From park pier to horizontal ‘office building’” (talking point, by Tom Fox, March 22):

Manhattan Community Board 4 recognizes Tom Fox’s strong feelings regarding the development of the Hudson River Park and the Hudson River Park Trust. However, one point in Mr. Fox’s talking point cannot stand uncorrected.

In his column, Mr. Fox wonders “how the Trust can present a revised land-use proposal for Pier 57 to Community Board 4 without having a plan to describe where different uses will be and how they will function, be accessed, managed, etc.” C.B. 4 would never give its assent to any project, whether in Hudson River Park or elsewhere in our community district, without holding a public meeting to give the public and the members of C.B. 4 an opportunity to learn about the plan, ask questions, suggest improvements and generally consider the project in detail.

On Feb. 8, at the regularly scheduled meeting of the Waterfront, Parks and Environment Committee of C.B. 4, the Trust, RXR and Google gave an informational presentation on a revised plan for Pier 57. The time and location of the meeting, and the items on the agenda, were announced with proper notice. The meeting featured an extensive PowerPoint presentation with accompanying explanation by Seth Pinsky of RXR and William Floyd of Google. The committee, as well as the public in attendance, had an opportunity to ask questions about the different uses of Pier 57 and how they would function and be managed. Based on the presentation to the committee, the full board of C.B. 4 voted unanimously at its March 7 meeting to send a letter expressing approval of the proposed plan. Further, if the plan changes at all, C.B. 4 would expect the Trust to reappear before the Waterfront, Park and Environment Committee.

Incidentally, a similar presentation, with full opportunity for questions, was made to the Hudson River Park Advisory Council, which is currently chaired by a C.B. 4 member, at its meeting on March 19.

Again, C.B. 4 takes its responsibility to hold public and transparent meetings seriously and welcomes all community stakeholders to attend and advocate their concerns.

Burt Lazarin
Lazarin is chairperson, C.B. 4.

Lowell Kern
Kern is co-chairperson, C.B. 4 Waterfront, Parks and Environment Committee 


Be optimistic on S.B.J.S.A.

To The Editor:

Re “Small business advocate’s odds on vote for S.B.J.S.A. are small: 50 to 1” (news article, March 29):

Not all small business advocates feel as pessimistic about the Small Business Jobs Survival Act. So far, Speaker Johnson has kept his promises. We called for the original bill to be submitted and it was. We called for a public hearing on the bill and the speaker has gone on the record with a promise to do so. Our coalition, Friends of S.B.J.S.A. (http://sbjsa.com/), is committed to respecting the legislative process, and so far we are cautiously optimistic. We should be building public support and interest in the fight for the S.B.J.S.A. rather than prejudging the battle as futile.

David Eisenbach


Yippies’ frustrating feuding

To The Editor:

Re “Yippies vs. Zippies: New Rubin book reveals ’70s counterculture feud” (news article, Feb. 25):

I was present for much of those times, though not actually involved.

The “little guys” who made up the bulk of the movement were dismayed, and often bewildered, at the machinations and rivalries among the leadership.

Whatever the infighting, we all agreed on the goal of overthrowing the entrenched power of “the establishment,” which had dragged our nation into unjust wars, and had created and supported a system that discriminated against people based on their income and their color.

Roy B. Scherer


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