Transit Sam: Week of March 8, 2018

Dates: Thurs., March 8 – Wed., March 14


Downtown protests this week include the International Women’s Day Thursday and an anti-gun school walkout Wednesday.

The #MeToo and #TimesUp campaigns should add to the crowds for the women’s rights walk, which starts at Washington Square Park at 4 p.m. Thursday. The crowd will start walking to rallying points in the Village and Hudson Square at 6 p.m., going down Seventh Ave. and Varick Street to King Street, and back up on Sixth Avenue toward the park, with detours on Broadway, LaGuardia Place, and elsewhere. Police will shut down traffic lanes as needed, and some parking will be prohibited.  Avoid the Holland Tunnel outbound Thursday evening, but if you do take it, use the Hudson St. approach.

The Independent Art Fair runs Thursday through Sunday at Tribeca’s Spring Studios on St. Johns Lane creating a bit of turbulence near Sixth Avenue and Canal. The opening reception, not at the studio, is 10 a.m. Thursday on Washington St. near Houston St. and the West Side Highway.

At 10 a.m. Wednesday, NYC students backing gun law changes plan to leave school for a symbolic 17 minutes (the number killed in Parkland, Fla.) Careful driving in school areas, including the West Side Highway and Chambers St. near Stuyvesant and BMCC, and near the Brooklyn Bridge entrances by Murry Bergtraum and Pace.

Demonstrators will mark Tibetan Uprising Day with a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan Saturday around 9 a.m., before heading up Centre and Lafayette Street sidewalks.

Clocks spring forward overnight Saturday. Auto crashes go up the first week of daylight savings with more sleep-deprived drivers, so be careful driving and crossing places like the West Side Highway, Canal, Varick and Delancey streets, to name a few.



Dear Transit Sam,

I was driving with my fiancée in Georgia when I noticed a police officer had pulled someone over on the side of the highway. I wanted to move to the left lane but couldn’t because of traffic. Shortly after, the officer stopped me because I didn’t move to the left lane when I passed him. He gave me a warning, but I wanted to know is this also a law in New York?



Dear Khasan,

New York does have a “move over” law to protect drivers of emergency vehicles, tow trucks, and road maintenance vehicles. The law requires drivers to “use due care” when they see such a vehicle in the shoulder, meaning you must slow down, and if it’s on a highway, you must also move away from the lane closest to the shoulder unless traffic or other hazards prevent you. Many states have similar laws, but regardless, you should always move over if it’s safe to do so.

Transit Sam

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