Tompkins love triangle; A new hawk horns in

Christo perched in a tree in Tompkins Square Park recently before swooping down to snatch a rat for dinner. Photo by Bob Krasner

East Village hawk watchers are aflutter after the New York Post reported on a Tompkins avian love triangle. As the story goes, a new female, Nora — slammed as “a cheap slut,” by the Post — recently seduced Christo while his faithful lifetime mate, Dora, was away a while rehabbing a wing.

Christo and Dora have had a happy relationship together over the past five years, raising 10 eyasses together. But Christo is now said to be two-timing Dora, regularly flying off to mate with Nora, who is reportedly roosting nearby in the Jacob Riis Houses on Avenue D. The three recently had a major aerial scene, with the trio screeching and flapping at each other.

This bird story has more drama than “The Bachelor”!

It wasn’t immediately clear who the brooding hawk was in the photo above, but clearly, all three have a lot on their minds, lately — especially Christo!

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