Police Blotter: Week of March 8, 2018


Three college girls stole a pair of ritzy, crystal-studded sandals from a Jimmy Choo boutique on Feb. 27, but the crooked co-eds later got cold feet and called the store looking to return their ill-gotten kicks.

The girls strutted into the high-end shoe store on Greene Street between Prince and Spring streets at 6:25 pm, and left with the ill-gotten pair of $2,000 sandals, along with $600 worth of other shoes about 20 minutes later.

The store got a call from one of the thieves from a blocked number the following day, when a girl confessed that it was “her friend,” a Berkley College student, who actually stole the shoes, but who would like to return them, cops said.



Two gunmen stuck up a couple on Mercer Street on Feb. 22, taking more than $3,300 worth of jewelry, clothes, and other goods.

The couple told police they were between Grand and Broome streets at 11:50 pm, when the pistol-packing perps snuck up from behind and threw the pair into a doorway before brandishing the pistols.

The thieves were more interested in the woman’s stuff than the guy’s, and they took her designer shoes, purse, watch and coat, along with her iPhone 7 and a few gift cards, cops said.

Afterwards the crooks piled into a waiting grey Hyundai, and fled towards the Hudson along Bloome Street, according to police.



A pick-purse nabbed a woman’s wallet aboard a Brooklyn-bound A train on Feb. 27.

The victim told police the doors to her train opened at Canal Street when she disembarked at 9:40 am, and realized her purse felt unusually light.

Looking inside, the victim realized her wallet, along with a Bloomingdales gift card worth $700, was missing, cops said.



A thief looted a man’s locker inside a Canal Street gym on March 1, and used his credit cards to buy junk food.

The victim told police he left his stuff in a lockbox in the gym between Church Street and W. Broadway at 3:10 pm, but returned an hour later to find some fiend had cleaned it out.

Adding insult to injury, he later discovered his credit card had racked up illicit charges at an unknown Taco Bell.

— Colin Mixson

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