Police Blotter: Week of March 22, 2018


A strange man — without use of threats, or violence — requested a delivery guy hand over his Motorola Package scanner on Beaver Street on Mar. 15, and the worker dutifully obliged, before turning around and filing a police report.

The “victim” told police he was between Marketfield and Broad streets at 4:30 am, when a “dark-skinned” man walked up and said, “let me get that,” and the delivery guy handed over his scanner.

The worker quickly sped away in his truck, telling police he feared for his safety, but later admitting the guy never actually threatened him, cops said.



A thief nabbed more than $3,400 worth of clothes from a Vesey Street fashion outlet on Mar. 12.

An employee told police that the crook waltzed into the store near West Street at around 4:20 pm, and grabbed various leather goods, some sneakers, and a T-shirt before fleeing.



Cops arrested a cyclist for allegedly beating a man with a bike lock on Varick Street on Mar. 18.

The victim told police he was embroiled in a dispute with the biker over a traffic-related incident between W. Houston and King streets at 8 pm, when the cyclist allegedly grabbed his lock and bashed him twice over the head.



A thief ransacked a delivery truck loaded with designer garments on Hudson Street on Mar. 12, making off with around $10,000 worth of high-end goods.

The victim told police he parked his truck between Dominick and Broome streets at 1:15 pm, and returned later to find the lock on his rear door damaged, and the one on his passenger-side door completely busted.

Checking inside, the victim realized the thief had made off with a small boutique’s worth of ritzy duds, cops said.


A thief stole a man’s nearly $3,400 bike he left on Hudson Street on Feb. 14.

The victim told police he parked his bike between 129 Hudson at 4:15 pm, and returned 10 minutes later to find his pricey ride stolen.



Some crook snatched a woman’s bag when she wasn’t looking inside a Spring Street nightclub on Feb. 25.

The victim told police she was partying it up inside the watering hole between 205 spring street at 4 am, and had left her bag unattended for five minutes before she realized the purse, along with her iPhone and wallet, were stolen.



Two shoplifters made off with $6,500 worth of posh gear at a Prada outlet on Broadway on Mar. 5.

An employee told police the two female thieves waltzed into he fashion retailer between 575 Broadway at 5:05 pm, nabbing two pricey items before hightailing it.

— Colin Mixson

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