Letters to The Editor, Week of March 15, 2018

Co-op conversion not easy

To The Editor:

Re “Demo plan collapses as W.V. Houses go market rate” (thevillager.com, March 9):

It is not such an easy thing to convert from a Mitchell-Lama project to a market-rate one. It is even a little more complicated to go from a Mitchell-Lama rental, to a Mitchell-Lama co-op, to a market-rate co-op. So, if they do convert to a free-market co-op, and protect the current renters with low rents as long as they keep the apartment as a primary residence, and then convert to a market-rate co-op once the current renters vacate, let the co-op corporation get the proceeds from the sale in exchange for the low rent the current renters continue to receive.

Bernard Posner


Residents deserve ‘payday’

To The Editor:

Re “Demo plan collapses as W.V. Houses go market rate” (thevillager.com, March 9):

If anyone deserves “to make a killing” on this property, it is the tenants / owners. Not the city, although the city will now be getting full property tax and sales tax. Not developers, since they maximize their profit sometimes and often to a neighborhood’s detriment. Not the taxpayers, although now West Village Houses will pay full taxes.

Dan McKennan


Totally off-Target

To The Editor:

Re “Target on E. 14th is off the mark, many say” (news article, March 8):

We are all excited to line up to purchase cheaply made foreign goods made by child and near-slave labor, and a grocery section full of pseudo-food.

Donnie Moder


Can reach free tuition faster

To The Editor:

Re “New Cooper Union president is focusing on free tuition’s return” (news article, March 1):

Pathetic article by The Villager, going along with the general trend of mainstream refusal to cover the truth. No quotes from Michael Borkowsky? He has been adamant that only $50 million is needed to return to free tuition. No quotes from any alumni trustees? A single quote from a student that makes it seem like Laura Sparks is anything other than despised and overwhelmed on campus?

Previously, The Villager’s coverage of The Cooper Union has generally been fairly accurate. This particular article is a raging pile of dog s—. Improve.

Andy Okuneff


The Manitoba says…

To The Editor:

Re “Will punk-rock bar be on the rocks after ‘assault’?” (news article, Feb. 15):

Hey, gang, I am actually gritting my teeth at this article, gritting my teeth because I respect the

First Amendment, which, to me, should be well-investigated well-thought-out truth, close to the truth and devoid of innuendo and falsehoods, which this article is loaded with. I don’t have to and I don’t need to go into detail.

If you were standing in my living room with me and I told you the entire story from “A” to “Z,” this article would be about 85 percent different. So if you want respect as a paper, in my humble opinion, please get your facts straight, stop the innuendo and…have a beautiful day.

Handsome Dick Manitoba


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