10th Precinct Community Council Talks Stats, Summonses, Safety

L to R, standing: Crime Prevention Officer Jarett Di Lorenzo, Community Affairs Detective Salvatore Saetta, and Commanding Officer Capt. Paul Lanot listen to a Chelsea resident voice her concerns about stolen packages. | Photo by Tabia C. Robinson

BY TABIA C. ROBINSON About a dozen Chelsea residents attended the 10th Precinct’s monthly Community Council meeting on Wed., Feb. 28. This was the second meeting of the new year. Council VP Vinny Pizzonia welcomed everyone and the Commanding Officer Capt. Paul Lanot started off just after 7 p.m. by noting a spike in grand larcenies.

“Most of these are coming from unattended items,” he said. “People are leaving their wallets and bags unattended.”

According to NYPD’s statistics, at the time of last week’s Community Council meeting, a total of 117 grand larcenies were reported in 2018 — a 37.6 percent increase from last year’s totals at this time.

At previous Community Council meetings, residents have complained about unruly bicyclists getting in the way of pedestrians and motorists alike. Of late, the 10th Precinct has been stepping up their bike enforcement by focusing attenton on APLs (accident-prone locations) as well as getting the NCOs (Neighbohrood Coordination Officers) involved by having them debrief sector officers and delploy them on “off-radio” time (when they are not responding to a call).

“We have issued 139 summonses in a 30-day period,” Lanot noted.

The floor was then opened up to the audience for questions, comments, and concerns.

One resident quickly raised her hand to complain about packages being regularly stolen from her apartment building, where she is also the super. The building, which is on the 200 block of W. 21st St. (btw. Seventh & Eighth Aves.), is the only one on the block that is having this problem, according to the superintendent.

Another resident, who lives on the corner of Seventh Ave. and W. 14th St., said packages have also been stolen out of the apartment where she lives. She also noted that because of construction happening nearby, dumpsters and other barriers outside of the entrance blocking plain view of the street — allowing homeless people to go into the basement of the building and take rest there.

Crime Prevention Officer Jarett Di Lorenzo, suggested the woman have her landlord apply to become part of TAP (Trespass Affidavit Program), in which police officers come into the building and do a “vertical” (roof-to-basement) building inspection or a “directed patrol” (a specific location within the building). When non-residents are found, they can be removed by the officers.

In light of the many high school and college shootings across America, there was also a question about safety in the schools. Lanot informed people that there are school safety officers and a youth officer present at every local school. If there were to be any kind of emergency, such as a school shooting, school safety and police officers share the same radio — ensuring a quick response.

“New York City has what a lot of other cities don’t have,” Lanot said. “We are able to communicate with school’s directly in the case of a school shooting.” That communication, he noted, is what saves lives during emergency situations.

The 10th Precinct is located at 230 W. 20th St. (btw. Seventh & Eighth Aves.). Commanding Officer: Capt. Paul Lanot. Main number: 212-741-8211. Community Affairs: 212-741-8226. Crime Prevention: 212-741-8226. Domestic Violence: 212-741-8216. Youth Officer: 212-741-8211. Auxiliary Coordinator: 212-924-3377. Detective Squad: 212-741-8245. The Community Council meets on the last Wed. of the month, 7 p.m., at the 10th Precinct or other locations to be announced.

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