Your Letters: Issue of Feb. 15, 2018

Open House Off Track

To The Editor:

I wanted to comment about the open house the MTA and DOT offered last Wednesday night [a Jan. 31 event for transit riders and residents, sponsored by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the city’s Department of Transportation, held inside the Y’s gym at 344 E. 14th St.]. It left many of us who attended feeling frustrated and voiceless.

While I appreciate the information given, a public forum and Q&A are needed at these open houses, where the community’s concerns will be heard, as well as responses to those concerns, and this public forum should be covered by the media.

The representatives at the open house were open to talking to individuals, but this does no good and is an inefficient way of discussing the issues. I can’t help but wonder if this is on purpose, so that people may vent, but their suggestions and concerns are diffused and are not truly considered or addressed.

Frankly, the open house was much like a show-and-tell science fair.

The community was not heard in a constructive way, and no useful discussion or communication could occur in this format.

The research and “numbers data” the MTA and DOT have supposedly conducted to base their plans on also needs to be presented and made public.

There must be a public forum. The residents of the Village and Chelsea who will be dramatically affected by the rerouting of 14th St. traffic deserve better than this.

Janet Charleston


Who Will Hear Us?

To The Editor:

Residents and businesses impacted by the MTA/DOT L train shutdown mitigation plans have many valid concerns and questions.

However, the two “open houses” already held were the wrong format to foster discussion. Positioning junior DOT/MTA staffers in front of posters resembled a science fair or show-and-tell and, in fact, discouraged an open exchange.

Yes, we filled out comment cards, but that feels like a meaningless exercise. Perhaps they will be read by MTA/DOT staffers, but how does that foster discussion? How do we get answers and feel that our concerns are being taken seriously?

We need to hear our concerns addressed openly in a Q&A format with senior officials. How else can we try to find common ground? And it is imperative that DOT share the traffic study (as promised months ago) that underlies these plans in order for us to understand the impact.

MTA/DOT — if you are listening — schedule some open Q&A forums ASAP.

Judy Pesin



Re “My Life Lesson: Don’t Dismiss the Signs of Heart Disease (posted online Jan. 31, part of our National Wear Red Day coverage):

What a lovely piece to open the eyes of all selfless woman to pay more attention to themselves and their health. So glad you are with us to share.

Denise Anderson-Valente

Thank you, Jennifer, for this wonderfully written article to develop awareness — a challenge to many  to not deny symptoms and get to a center of excellence for evaluation! May you continue to enjoy good health and quality of life!


Carol Moshier

Re “Preservationists’ Prediction Comes to Pass: Chelsea Market Poised to Flip in $2B+ Sale to Google (news, posted online Feb. 7):

‪Jamestown was granted a zoning change to allow expansion space for its existing tenants to “grow in place” and insisted that this space had to be smack over the High Line. Those tenants have since been largely displaced by rising rents and Google. If Google wanted to ingratiate itself with the community, it could announce that it won’t build the tower over the High Line so contentiously approved in 2012. Even then, Google was the 800-pound gorilla in the room, as described here:

David Holowka

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