Strand’s Bass memorialized by literary lions

Recollections about Fred Bass by former Strand employee Nick Aretakis were among the mementoes and photos on display at the celebration of Bass’s life. Photos by Tequila Minsky

Fred Bass, the legendary owner of the Strand Bookstore, was celebrated and memorialized at the literary mecca at Broadway and E. 12th St. that he worked in for most of his life and built into a world-famous brand. An East Village native, Bass died Jan. 3 at age 89. Many writers and cultural luminaries shared their fond memories of him and of the Strand’s importance to them. Tom Finkelpearl, the commissioner of the city’s Department of Cultural Affairs, also presented Bass’s daughter, Nancy Bass Wyden, with a Fred Bass Day proclamation in her father’s honor.

Art Spiegelman and Fran Lebowitz at Fred Bass’s memorial, at which Lebowitz spoke.

Paul Krugman, the economist and New York Times columnist, was among the impressive roster of those giving remarks.

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