Scoopy’s Notebook, Week of Feb. 1, 2018

Trigger is praying that no one says “literally” inside the Continental or he is going to have bounce them from the place. Nah — actually it’s all just a joke, he said. Villager file photo

Literally…: The news from the Continental shots bar is that it will close in July — and also that anyone who uses the word “literally” inside will be given five minutes to finish their drink and then be kicked out of the place. But if you start a sentence with the word, the ejection will be immediate. … Actually, that’s what everyone thought based on a sign posted in the place. It turns out it was all just a goof… . “I do feel like I pranked the whole world and that my hero, Ken Kesey, R.I.P., would be proud!” Trigger, the Continental’s owner, told us. “It was all tongue in cheek,” he said. “Just pushing buttons and having fun. It went global. Literally.” Anyway, Trigger’s latest? He’ll be selling black T-shirts sporting the phrase “Stop Kardashianism!” and below that a red circle with a slash through it over the word — you guessed it — “Literally.” Hey, at least that’s one cause we can all get behind! He said the shirts would be coming in this Thursday. As for why the Continental — which was formerly a live punk-music venue — is closing, it’s because that corner of Third Ave. and St. Mark’s Place is going to be developed, reportedly with a new seven-story “boutique office building”…literally. … P.S.: Trigger was also having a little tiff with a local blogger. Scoopy may have had a hand (make that a paw) in mediating the dispute.

Borough President Gale Brewer got grilled by Hudson River Park advocates at her recent visit to Community Board 2. Villager file photo.

Durst drama: Borough President Gale Brewer recently paid a visit to Community Board 2 at its January full-board meeting and was peppered with questions by what could be called the board’s “Hudson River Park bloc” about her recent surprise appointment of developer Douglas Durst to the Hudson River Park Trust’s board of directors. Durst formerly headed the Friends of Hudson River Park, the park’s former watchdog-turned-private fundraiser, but several years ago had a falling out with the Trust’s leadership, including its president Madelyn Wils, and resigned. More recently, of course, he helped fund the City Club of New York’s lawsuit against the Trust and Barry Diller’s glitzy Pier 55 project. Tobi Bergman queried Brewer whether, per the Hudson River Park Act of 1998, she had consulted with Community Board 4 before appointing Durst. (Brewer has three appointees to the Trust’s board — one each from Boards 1, 2 and 4 — and Durst lives in Board 4 up in the Midtown West area.) Brewer responded, as The Villager recently reported, that, in fact, she did not do so. “It kind of came very quickly,” she said, apologetically. “Usually, I would sit down [with the community board chairperson],” she added. Susanna Aaron told Brewer, regarding Durst, “I believe he does love the park. But I do think he has a problem with the leadership of the park,” adding she fears he might “undermine efforts to get the park done.” Also questioning the Beep on Durst, Rich Caccappolo said he was “interested about why he surreptitiously funded the lawsuit.” Confirming rumors by Pier 55 backers, Durst finally admitted to The Villager last year that, yes, he had funded the litigation. But Brewer shrugged off the question, telling Caccappolo, “The lawsuit is over — he lost.” Technically, the City Club did not lose lawsuit, and the Trust seemed scared that it might lose, which is why it was in talks with the City Club plaintiffs before Governor Andrew Cuomo committed to finally getting the park finished, after which the plaintiffs agreed to withdraw their litigation. As we spoke to her after her remarks at C.B. 2, Brewer told us it was her idea to appoint Durst to the Trust, that she reached out to him.  She said she did so because, as a developer, he knows what he’s doing and will help “get the park built.” She said she has known him for years, going back to her time in the City Council, when he was building development projects in her Upper West Side district. His construction projects are also extremely energy and environmentally conscious, she said, approvingly, noting that he is “way beyond LEED.” Durst actually was not present at last Thursday’s regularly scheduled Trust board of directors meeting. According to the Trust, because things must go through “a process,” Durst will not “officially” be appointed until March. A Durst spokesperson confirmed that is Durst’s understanding, as well.

Unlike Mario Batali and Ken Friedman, Bobby Flay, above, doesn’t have to worry about being accused of sexual harassment, Scoopy hears.

Flay apparently O.K.: Well, high-profile Village restaurateurs Mario Batali (Babbo, Lupa, Del Posto, Otto, La Sirena, etc.) and Ken Friedman (The Spotted Pig) have taken indefinite leaves of absence after being accused of sexual harassment. Friedman was even said to have an alleged “rape room” above The Spotted Pig, where Batali has been accused of behaving crudely. What a sordid stew! Anyway, we were at a party recently where a Food Network hotshot told us one restaurant superstar who will never be nailed for sexual harassment — even though people might assume he would be — is Bobby Flay (Gato). We inferred from his remarks that, yeah, Flay may well be a dog, but he’s not a harasser.

Sister Lotti Da of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence touched the water in the small circular fountain underneath the AIDS Memorial trellis at the memorial’s dedication in December 2016. That was fine. But now trick bike riders are reportedly hopping up on the memorial while others are using it to do pushups and planks. Scoopy file photo

Memorial mayhem: Elissa Stein reports that the new New York City AIDS Memorial, at Greenwich and Seventh Aves., apparently is in danger of becoming an open-air gym / bike obstacle course. “Today I saw kids doing tricks on bikes,” she said. “They’d ride around the park and then do jumps up onto the memorial. Before that a couple of people were using it as a workout platform to do pushups and planks. I was horrified and wondered if it was purposely designed to be used like that or if people were being disrespectful.”





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