Rick Skye’s Liza Returns to Mama

Oh, mama! Liza’s back. | Photo courtesy the artist

BY SCOTT STIFFLER | Whether crossing herself for the spiritual strength to knock “New York, New York” out of the park or repurposing a song from “Cabaret” to address the mobility issues of an aging hoofer, Rick Skye’s Liza Minnelli walks (and occasionally Fosse-Fosse-Fosses) the thin line between reverent and ruthless. Singing in his natural voice but nailing Minnelli’s idiosyncratic mannerisms and showbiz patter, Skye’s layered, loopy Liza is easily winded, frequently dehydrated, and oh-so eager to please — and please she does, as the kooky, complicated, showbiz warhorse centerpiece of “Bazazz! A Sequined Variety.”

Seen on Dec. 29 of last year to our sheer delight, this monthly happening fits Midtown cabaret room Don’t Tell Mama like a snug and sparkly evening glove. With musical director Ricky Ritzel on piano, Skye’s special guests for the Feb. 24 show are comedian Nancy Witter (four-time MAC award-winner and author of “Who’s Better Than Me? A Guide to Living Happily Ever After”) and the preternaturally talented Molly Pope, who will join Liza in what Mr. Skye assures us will be either a “Valley of the Dolls” medley or a duet version of “The Ladies Who Lunch.” Either way, mamma likes — especially with assurance that the aesthetically pleasing, well-choreographed Kit Kat Boyz will again be on hand to back up (and occasionally prop up) our beloved Liza. There will be jazz hands!

BAZAZZ!  A SEQUINED VARIETY |Don’t Tell Mama, 343 W. 46th St. | Feb. 24 & Mar. 10 at 8 p.m. | $20 cover plus two-drink minimum (cash only); reservations at donttellmamanyc.com or 212-757-0788

Mar. 1o “Bazazz!” show includes the Kit Kat Boyz, alt cabaret star Lykken, and certified cabaret royalty Jay Rogers.

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