Police Blotter: Week of Feb. 1, 2018


Cops busted a man suspected in a three-man robbery of a man on Nassau Street on Jan. 27.

The victim told police that the suspect hurled him to the asphalt near Fulton Street at 2:40 pm, while two accomplices turned out his pockets and took his phone.

The trio left the victim with a wounded pinky finger and knee, along with a pair of broken sunglasses, cops said.

A patrolman nabbed the suspect later that day, but his pals got away with their ill-gotten cell and remain on the lam, according to police.



Two men stole 20 pairs of pants from a Broadway retailer on Jan. 22.

The crooks took a whopping $1,399 worth of Gap jeans from the store between Cortlandt and Liberty streets at 10:09 am, plucking them off a table and breezing past the register without paying, cops said.



A slick thief managed to swipe a bag right out from under the legs of a straphanger on the 2 train on Jan. 23.

The victim insisted he didn’t nod off aboard the Brooklyn-bound train, but nevertheless found his satchel missing when the doors opened at the Park Place subway station at 5:20 pm, shorting him $80 for the bag, and about $4,000 for the laptop and camera it contained, according to police.



A lovers’ spat turned ugly at a Chambers Street community college on Jan. 24.

The victim told police her ex-girlfriend snatched her phone and ran off through the Manhattan Community College campus at 4:20 pm.

The women arranged to meet later at the Hoyt Street subway station, and the victim got her phone back — along with a few bruises — when the angry ex grabbed her hair and started beating her, according to police.

The abused woman called 911 following the attack, while her former lover hopped a 2 train and fled, cops said.

— Colin Mixson

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