N.C.O. is the new way to go in Sixth Precinct

Patroling the Sixth Precinct’s new Sector B are Police Officers Robert Dazzo, left, and Deniz Saglam. Photos by Tequila Minsky

Top police brass and the Sixth Precinct recently unveiled the Greenwich Village precinct’s new Neighborhood Coordination Officers program. The program assigns a special group of N.C.O. officers to patrol specific sectors, so that they really get to know the residents and merchants in each area and their concerns about crime and quality-of-life issues. In addition, other police officers are also assigned to specific sectors to supplement the N.C.O.’s efforts. The precinct formerly had nine patrol sectors, but under the new initiative, now has four. The East Village’s Ninth Precinct and Chelsea’s 10th Precinct both got the N.C.O. program last year, and it is being implemented at precincts around the city.

The precinct’s number of patrol sectors has been cut from nine down to four under the N.C.O. initiative.

Focusing on the new Sector C are Police Officers Joseph Vincent, left, and Nicholas Virgilio.

Patrolling Sector D is P.O. Kelvin Ozina. Officer Montesdeoca is also assigned to the sector but was on vacation at the time of the program’s announcement.

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