Letters to The Editor, Week of Feb. 1, 2018


To The Editor:

In your items in the Police Blotter, you often ask if anyone has any info on a perpetrator to notify the police, but you never indicate the race of the perp. Wouldn’t it be helpful, in addition to sex, height, weight and clothing, to say if the perp is white, black, Asian, orange, purple or whatever, to narrow down the search? Aren’t you being just a little bit too PC?

Stephen Levine


Church cherisher

To The Editor:

I am writing a history of the Church of the Nativity as part of a celebration of Nativity’s and the Church of Most Holy Redeemer’s combined 350 years of ministry to the community. I have found The Villager’s coverage of these churches very helpful — notably, more helpful than anything in Catholic New York.

If anyone has information about Tony Leo, the last parishioner to be buried out of Nativity, I would be very grateful.

Elizabeth Porea


So many S.R.O. units

To The Editor:

Re “City empties embattled Bowery building, saying it was ready to collapse” (news article, Jan. 25):

Eleven of the 16 units were turned into 40 single-room-occupancy units? There was a lot of illegal and dangerous activity by tenants going on here. No trust between landlord and tenants. Follow the money, who were these S.R.O. tenants paying?

Donnie Moder


From Stone to Book Row

To The Editor:

Re “Pies and Drugs and WikiLeaks” (Scoopy’s Notebook, Jan. 11) and “Fred Bass, 89, built Strand into a world-famous brand” (news article, Jan. 11):

Roger Stone’s claim that 29 states have legalized cannabis is way overstated. Nine states have legalized: Washington, Colorado, Oregon, Alaska, California, Massachusetts, Maine, Nevada and (just this week) Vermont. The other 20 are states with medical marijuana laws, which, in most cases, do not even allow for use of herbaceous cannabis, but only extracts and edibles.

I take issue with the notion that the Strand was the sole survivor of Book Row. Technically, it isn’t even on the former Book Row since it is on Broadway, not Fourth Ave. The sole survivor of Book Row is Alabaster Bookshop, at 122 Fourth Ave., just on the other side of the block from the Strand.

Bill Weinberg


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