Scoopy’s Notebook, Jan. 11, 2018

A screen grab from a YouTube video showing Randy Credico, left, and Roger Stone at the former Yippie Cafe at a comedy night Credico hosted there nine years ago.

Pies and drugs and WikiLeaks: Readers got a kick out of our report last month that Roger Stone, the notorious G.O.P. lobbyist and Donald Trump campaign adviser, allegedly tried to buy marijuana from the former Yippie Cafe, at 9 Bleecker St., after Stone spoke there in 2008. Aron Kay, “The Yippie Pie Man,” said Stone called him on the phone back then to score, but Kay hit him with a virtual cream pie of a snub, telling him, “I don’t know you.” Well, since then we’ve found ourselves texting with Stone. His first text to us arrived at 4 a.m. one morning the other week, when he sent us an article predicting that, after Robert Mueller’s “Russiagate” and obstruction probe fails to pan out, Trump’s own cabinet will seek to oust him from office as unfit. (We should note Stone’s Wikipedia page also describes him as a “conspiracy theorist,” among other things.) Anyway, getting back to whether Stone tried to buy pot at the Yippie Cafe, he texted back to us, “Saw that you reported that. Have no memory of it whatsoever. More importantly, I spoke at the Yippie Museum in opposition to the War on Drugs and the Rockefeller Drug Laws.” We “hit” him back, saying it was a good speech — and a person might even have mistaken him for a liberal from it. “I am a libertarian rather than a conservative,” Stone text-plained to us. “Randy Credico is the guy who opened my eyes to the fact that the War on Drugs was an ignominious, racist failure and that New York State’s Rockefeller Drug Laws were among the worst. Randy arranged for me to speak at an anti-Rockefeller Drug Laws rally that Russell Simmons and Al Sharpton also spoke at.” (Sorry to #MeToo for mentioning dog Simmons here!) It was Credico who had invited Stone to speak at a comedy night he was hosting at the Yippie Cafe, after which Stone had his alleged phone encounter with Kay. Credico and Stone had originally met back while working on Tom Golisano’s campaign for New York State governor. Stone recently fingered Credico to the House Intelligence Committee as his “back channel” to Julian Assange — as in, the guy who intro’d the two, which is how Stone allegedly had advance knowledge that the WikiLeaks leader was going to do a pre-election online dump of private e-mails by John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, and the Democratic National Committee. (Stone notes that he specifically tweeted, “John Podesta’s time in the barrel would come” — that’s a cleaned-up paraphrase of his actual tweet. As for Clinton, he tweeted, “Wednesday Hillary Clinton is done. #WikiLeaks.”) Although the House Intelligence Committee subpoenaed Credico to give a deposition on Dec. 15, he took the Fifth Amendment, and the committee then waived his appearance. Congress then was out of session for two weeks at the end of last month for the midwinter break, and there has been no update since after the committee members returned to D.C. last week. Martin Stolar, Credico’s attorney, said the Intel Committee has three options: Just let Credico slide and not even tell him about it; tell him they are just letting him slide; or grant him immunity, so that he can testify without fear of implicating himself — though it’s very hard to get immunity, Stolar noted. Oliver North and the Iran-Contra affair in the 1980s, of course, is the most infamous example that springs to mind. Stolar said he is sure a U.S. grand jury has already tried Assange in absentia and there is a “sealed indictment” ready to be slapped on him as soon as he exits the embassy. For the record, Credico told us Stone did ultimately buy pot from someone at the Yippie Cafe, if not from “The Pie Man.” Credico said whether the Intel Committee wants to talk to him again is definitely not on the front burner at the moment since the big issue right now is whether the Ecuadorian embassy in London will kick Assange out of the place, where he has been holed up for nearly the last half-dozen years. Following WikiLeaks’ e-mail dumps during the U.S.

Credico and Stone initially bonded over their opposition to New York’s Rockefeller Drug Laws.

election, his star has dimmed on the liberal left. Plus, the Ecuadorian embassy staff are reportedly just tired of hosting the high-profile hacktivist. “He hasn’t tweeted in five days,” a concerned Credico said of Assange on Wednesday. Getting back to Stone — who may or may not have purchased pot at 9 Bleecker St., we may never know for sure, it may all be lost in the haze — we asked him his thoughts on U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s announced plan to crack down on states that have legalized medical and / or recreational weed. “The president’s position is clear — he supports the states’ rights to legalize marijuana, which 29 states have now done,” Stone texted us. “He needs to call off his misguided attorney general! All on the record,” he stressed. He added, “I don’t believe Sessions’s policy was cleared with the president.” Stone noted that he is a founder of the Cannabis Coalition, a bipartisan organization that includes Bill Maher, Judge Andrew Napolitano, John Morgan, Congressmember Matt Gaetz, Credico and others. … Whew! Someone quipped to us this all reminds them of a modern version of “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.”

Ackers are back: The Kathy Acker Awards, hosted by Clayton Patterson, and emceed this year by Kembra Pfahler, will be held at Theatre 80, at 80 St. Mark’s Place, on Sun., Jan. 21. Doors open at 6 p.m. and the awards ceremony starts at 7 p.m. The awards, created and produced by Patterson, are “a tribute given to members of the avant-garde arts community who have made outstanding contributions in their discipline in defiance of convention, or else served their fellow writers and artists in outstanding ways.” This year, there will be pre-show entertainment by Keith Patchel and his Venus Ensemble. Featured performers include Clara Francesca, Alexis Kandra, Cantata Fan, Sayaka Aiba, Kelsey S. Brewer and Jo Eubanks and special guest poet Bob Holman. This year’s honorees include Philly Abe (Leslie Sternbergh) and Adam Alexander for Lifetime Achievement; Eugene Fedorko, Kate Huh, Jim Fouratt and Charles Krezell for Community Activist; Lorcan and Genie Otway for Community Support; Deborah Pintonelli, Julie Patton, Chavisa Woods, Susan Sherman and Edward “Eak” Arrocha for Writing; Jeffrey Cyphers Wright, Tod Lippy and Foxy Kidd for Publishing; Roman Primitivo Albear (a.k.a. primitivo luna) for Theater; Shane Elhome, Sally Young, Chris Tanner, Joanne Pagano Weber, Emma Griffins, Kasoundra Kasoundra and Steve Ellis for Art; Bruce Weber and Betty LaRoe for Poetry; Ruby Lynn Reyner, Perry Masco (a.k.a. PeeWee), Kathryn Bloss and Jemeel Moondoc for Music; Katrina del Mar for Film; and David Leslie, Rolando Vega and Jaguar Mary X for Performance. Jay “Blond Boy” Wilson will be the usher and tech. This year, the awards will honor outstanding individuals who contributed to the arts who were lost to AIDS.

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