Police Blotter: Week of Jan. 25, 2018


Cops arrested a man for allegedly deliberately ramming his car into a cyclist on Cortlandt Street on Jan. 19.

The victim told police the suspect slammed into him near Broadway at 3 pm, before allegedly leaping from his car and throttling his neck.

Police busted the suspect that day, charging him with assault, cops said.



A thief swiped a phone from a woman’s hand on North Moore Street on Jan. 19.

The victim told police the suspect approached her asking for the time as she exited a cab between Greenwich and Hudson streets at 9:38 pm, when he suddenly snatched her pricey iPhone 7, and fled, cops said.



A pick purse snatched a woman’s wallet inside the Bowling Green subway station on Jan. 18.

The victim told police that a young woman seemed to intentionally shoulder past her as she was heading up an escalator at the station near Battery Place at 11:22 am, but it wasn’t until she reached the lobby of her office building that she realized her wallet was missing.



Two shoplifters waltzed out of a Broadway chain store with 15 pairs of ill-gotten pants on Jan. 18.

An employee told police they grabbed more than $1,000 worth of jeans from the retailer between Maiden Lane and Liberty streets at 6:15 pm before fleeing.


A thief nabbed a phone from a woman’s hand on Prince Street on Jan. 12, but the gal proved she was no chump, and managed to reclaim her cell.

The victim told police she was near Mercer Street at 7 pm, when the goon grabbed her iPhone 8 and made a run for it.

But no sooner had the crook snatched her smartphone than the woman snatched it back, and the would-be thief ended up fleeing empty handed, cops said.

— Colin Mixson

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