Police Blotter: Week of Jan. 18, 2018


A thief nabbed a phone from a woman’s hand on Prince Street on Jan. 12, but the gal proved she was no chump, and managed to reclaim her cell.

The victim told police she was near Mercer Street at 7 pm, when the goon grabbed her iPhone 8 and made a run for it.

But no sooner had the crook snatched her smartphone than the woman snatched it back, and the would-be thief ended up fleeing empty handed, cops said.



A burglar looted a Prince Street bakery on Jan. 8, making off with the whole cash register — and the $400 inside.

Surveillance footage shows the thief battering down the doors at the sweet shop between Thompson Street and W. Broadway at 2:55 am, before grabbing the register and fleeing down Prince Street heading towards the East River.

Cops recovered the register inside a West Broadway building later, where they found the machine busted open and its contents missing, according to police.



Some scumbag slashed a man on the subway in an attempt to steal his stuff near Spring Street on Jan. 9.

The victim told police he had dozed off aboard a WTC-bound E train at 4:50 am, when he awoke to find the creep trying to pry his bag away from him.

The pair struggled, and the crook slashed the victim and hurled something at him, but the victim managed to flee with his stuff into the Spring Street station near Sixth Ave, cops said.



A gunman stole $20 and an iPhone off a man aboard a Brooklyn-bound 4 train near John Street on Jan. 14.

The victim told police his train was closing in on the station near Broadway at 9:40 am, when the crook pulled a pistol on him and growled, “empty your pockets, and give me your phone!”

He then reached into the victim’s pockets and yanked out his goods, before telling the man to stay on the train, while the pistol-packing perp slipped out into the station, cops said.

— Colin Mixson

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