Letters to The Editor, Week of Jan. 18, 2018

Book-nut’s paradise

To The Editor:

Re “Fred Bass, 89, built Strand into a world-famous brand” (news article, Jan. 11):

I visited this amazing bookshop when visiting wonderful New York City in August 2015. Considering I was traveling back to New Zealand, I was conscious of too much weight in my luggage. However, the shop was so exciting inviting and just perfect for a book nut like me; I just couldn’t tear myself away and spent a couple of totally engrossing hours browsing and buying.

Thank you, Strand Bookstore. You’ve left a wonderful legacy, Fred Bass, right across the world. Rest in peace.

Jane Daniell


Gunning for a fight

To The Editor:

Re “Pies and drugs and WikiLeaks” (Scoopy’s Notebook, Jan. 11):

Regarding Roger Stone, people should check out the recent video he did with Alex Jones where they are firing high-powered assault weapons and talking about a civil war if Trump is removed from office. Your write-up here makes Stone seem like a sweet old pothead. But the reality is far from that. And anyone who follows the stuff he says and does on Alex Jones InfoWars knows the truth. This guy is a far-right armed activist who seems to want and promote an actual civil war in America over Trump.

John Penley


Suggestion for Zedd

To The Editor:

Re “Zedd’ing for a showdown with Slim” (Scoopy’s Notebook, Dec. 21):

Here’s a suggestion to Nick Zedd. Let the landlord advertise you as artist in residence. This could heighten the prestige of his building and he could charge more to new residents. You would retain your home rent-free, or at a considerable discount. His real estate would increase in value. Of course, a contract is a good idea. Good luck!

Veronica Vera


Buy Blondes Today


A bloated rat


where Liberty once



How do you like that?


Opioid addicts

and racist fanatics

guard their front porches

with AR-15’s and tiki torches.


The world is no longer our kin.

If you don’t have white skin

we won’t let you in.


Our fathers fought for Justice

but now you can’t trust us.

We’ve lost our worth

amongst every nation on Earth.


Hauled forth

by the lowliest of masses,

this bespoke fat ass is

the vicious joke that we all share,

the lie that stains us, everywhere.


Oh Lady,

lift your lamp

so we can see.


Shed your Grace

upon the World


and me.


Harry Pincus


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