Police Blotter: Week of Dec. 7, 2017


Some crook stole tools from a Liberty Street work site on Nov. 30.

A construction worker told police he stashed the companies tools in a locked shed at the building project between Nassau and William streets at 2:30 pm, and returned to discover a thief had opened the padlock and nabbed more than $2,000 worth of equipment, including several line lasers and three impact guns.



Three thieves stole a woman’s purse off her shoulder in front of her Greenwhich Street apartment building on Dec. 3.

The victim told police the purse-snatchers followed her topside after departing an E Train at Chambers Street at around 1 am, and the trio followed her to the front door of her apartment building between 310 Greenwich Street, when one of them pounced and the three ran off with her bag.



Some creep cut open a sleeping straphanger’s pocket to get at his cash aboard a 1 train near Whitehall Street on Nov. 28.

The victim told police he dozed off aboard the Downtown-bound 1 train shortly after midnight, but awoke at the Whitehall station near South Street with his pocket cut open and $120 missing.



Cops busted a man wanted for allegedly stealing an Exchange Place pizza joint’s delivery bike on Nov. 22.

The pizza guy told police that the delivery bike was left outside the eatery between Broad and William streets at 12:30 am, when the suspect hopped on and rode off.

Surveillance cameras at the restaurant caught the whole thing, and the owner spotted the suspect walk past the pie joint a week later, and cops busted him nearby.



Police arrested an alleged purse-snatcher thanks to the help of not one, but two good Samaritans, who thwarted the Maiden Lane robbery and then detained the suspect on Nov. 29.

The victim told police she was outside her building between Pearl and William streets at 10:25 pm, when the suspect grabbed her from behind and tried to make off with her bag.

But the woman was in luck and the crook fled empty handed after a nearby witness intervened. And the suspect was out of luck, because he was stopped by another man, who held him until police arrived, cops said.



Six thieves stole more than $2,000 worth of preppy Lacoste shirts and jackets from a Broadway retailer on Dec. 3.

An employee told police he was working inside the store between Spring and Prince streets at 5:08 pm, when the crooks invaded the store and stole 10 articles of prep fashion, before fleeing.

— Colin Mixson

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