Letters to the Editor, Week of Dec. 28, 2017

Elizabeth St. compromise

To The Editor:

Re “Could gay seniors tip battle over Elizabeth St. Garden?” (news article, Dec. 21):

Chinatown, which is near the Elizabeth St. Garden, is where those of limited means have always shopped — fresh vegetables and fruits from local farmers.

Landmark Diner is one of few left anywhere in this city, between Centre and Lafayette Sts. on Grand St.

Rising rents and more luxury condos came with the influx of newcomers and real estate interests who rebranded this area as “Nolita.” Small businesses that served practical needs? Diminishing. But we can get very expensive clothing any day of the week.

The shared open space in the planned senior affordable-housing project here will be larger than many community gardens that were created with risk to bodily harm in garbage-strewn lots created by landlord-hired arsonists. This garden is not of that history. It was an event space, luxury-artifact showcase, parking lot and dog run for the leaseholder. A shed covers some of it.

We are in a housing crisis. There are no “other” places anymore. The alternative site on Hudson St. backed by Community Board 2 needs to be built on — probably for families and adults. However, there are no grocery stores there — at all — not even high-end ones.

Elders wait five to seven years for housing. But here the community will be able to age in place and 50 percent of this housing will go to C.B. 2 residents. This is a compromise. Shared space for both. Sorry if it isn’t everything that any of us wants.

Little Italy has gentrified. It’s time to acknowledge that and help this city address its housing crisis. Many of us welcome all of you who will live here. Some of us will feel we finally got our neighborhood back.

K Webster


Where are our stores?

To The Editor:

Re “It’s key to beat Cornegy: S.B.J.S.A. advocates” (news article, Sept. 21):

Anyone know where I can find a shoemaker? How about when I need a new bra? Do I have to schlep to Macy’s? Where is a stationer? Is my only recourse CVS for a meaningful birthday card or Staples for a copy? Butcher? Candlestick maker? Ha! I’m serious. Look, we may have turned out to be apathetic, but we’re not stupid. We know who the players are. REBNY — the Real Estate Board of New York — destroys.

Myrna Greenfield


Beal didn’t sell to Stone

To The Editor:

Re “Dana Beal, pot icon, freed on bail after California bust” (thevillager.com, Dec. 22):

Why not print who is saying Beal is trying to profit from ibogaine instead of “false newsing” it, attributing it to an unnamed source? No one ever sold Roger Stone pot unless he got it through Randy Credico. Why not interview me about Dana? I turned him on to pot for the first time in 1964 at Michigan State University and have known him ever since.

AJ Weberman


The Twilight Zone

The day is finally done;

Night is surely ahead;

Barely visible setting sun,

Dark shapes stir from bed.


Laboring bodies demand

After surviving another day,

In every town and land,

Food, rest, safe home stay.


Now, a new leader hawk,

People cheer, others moan.

From Oregon to New York,

America in the twilight zone.


Sy Schleimer


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