Letters to the Editor, Week of Dec. 21, 2017

Keep it at two terms

To The Editor:

Re “For three terms” (editorial, Dec. 7):

The paper’s editorial supporting the extension of term limits is wrongheaded. Jumaane Williams has no principles, as he cut off his dreads to make himself more appealing to the electorate. So that reveals his character.

He admits that the councilmembers desire being vested in order to obtain a pension, which is all well and good. But why give these deadbeats another term? Just lower — for councilmembers only — the time required to eight years (two terms) to become vested.

No one could object to that, could they?

And the excuse that it takes eight years to acclimate themselves to their roles is specious.

Bert Zackim


Sings Eve’s praises

To The Editor:

Re “Refinding my voice” (notebook, by Kate Walter, Dec. 14):

I’m a member of this group, too. Eve picks the best standard / jazz repertoire, and Isaac accompanies us splendidly in jazz style. I’m having a great time — very freeing! That this class is inclusive and open to all is so rare in the average person’s musical experience in America.

As Henry Fonda once said regarding his daughter Jane, “Funny, the more [we] practice, the more talented [we] get!”

Walter Paul


Keep being creative

To The Editor:

Re “Refinding my voice” (notebook, by Kate Walter, Dec. 14):

Kate, I was so nostalgic reading about your past performing days. It brought me back to a time in my life where Dylan ruled, and I played guitar and piano. But art won my heart and I pursued that as my chosen path. I miss those days.

Good for you to have such an opportunity to be active in something you love. Keep at it and enjoy your creativity.

Camille Daunno


Stone-Jones connection

To The Editor:

Re “Wait for it… Stand-up comic takes the Fifth in ‘Russiagate’ probe” (news article, Dec. 14):

I must ask why all the news reports about this issue fail to mention that Roger Stone has been working with or for Alex Jones and Infowars? There was even an interview Stone did with Credico on the Alex Jones Infowars YouTube channel. Credico has to be aware that Jones was during the campaign and still is a fanatical Trump supporter and attacks the left every chance he gets.

In a way, I feel sorry for Randy Credico since he got played by dirty trickster Roger Stone for Stone’s new supporter and media outlet, Alex Jones, and the Trump campaign. Now he is in very hot water because of it.

In this latest article on all this by Lincoln Anderson, Credico goes on and on about how he hates Trump but never mentions Stone, who is the scumbag that got him in this mess in the first place.

If I were him, I would say, “Yeah, I got played by Roger Stone” [this is Stone’s political M.O. for all his years of political right-wing ops] and say, “Screw Stone, Alex Jones and Trump.”

John Penley


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