Letters to The Editor, Week of Dec. 14, 2017

High on The Villager

To The Editor:

Re “High Line hates artists, but court rules for us” (talking point, by Robert Lederman, Dec. 7):

I want to thank you for publishing my talking point, as well as the more than 20 years of coverage you’ve given to the street-artist controversy.

You do a great job and The Villager is a paper I’ve read every single week for all those years. Absolutely best coverage of Downtown politics and events.

Keep up the great work!

Robert Lederman
Ledeman is president, A.R.T.I.S.T. (Artists’ Response to Illegal State Tactics)


Canada Goose murders

To The Editor:

City sidewalks, busy sidewalks

Everyone’s dressed in Canada Goose parkas

In the air, there’s a feeling of remorse. …

Why? Because Canada Goose clothing company is not only trapping and killing coyotes to make its $900-to-$1,695 parkas, which can be seen all over New York City this time of year, it’s trapping customers with its lies about its “ethical” use of animals, and profiting greatly from it.

The Toronto-based company claims it’s doing a public service by slaughtering coyotes, asserting that in many parts of North America coyotes are considered pests. But coyotes are not pests. They are intelligent, social and emotional creatures, not to mention close relatives of our beloved canine pets.

In addition to putting ghastly coyote collars on its garments, Canada Goose fills them with down, misleading customers by touting its Canada Goose Down Transparency Standard, which would have them believe it cares about geese and ducks because its down is a byproduct from the poultry industry, not from live-plucked or force-fed birds. To process living, feeling birds into food, the poultry industry relies on high-volume production, with birds treated the way companies would handle any object in an assembly line. Producers often mutilate animals to make them easier to manage in a group.

The truth is, Canada Goose is getting away with murder. No amount of “standards” can ever prevent the animal cruelty inherent in the poultry and trapping industries.

There are plenty of cold-weather materials just as warm as a Canada Goose jacket, but without the cruelty.

Priscilla Feral
Feral is president, Friends of Animals


We need gardens and parks

To The Editor:

Re “Elizabeth housing plan unveiled; Garden group set to sue” (news article, Dec. 7):

When I lived in Greenwich Village in the late ’90s, there were about seven small parks the size of this one that were pretty much just asphalt. They have since been renovated and trees and other plant life restored. They make wonderful places to walk to, sit for a while, breathe relatively fresh air then return home. It makes living there so much nicer now.

Donnie Moder


Trumpeting Trump’s latest

To The Editor:

Finally, Donald kept to his promise, as I gladly voted for him. No regrets as the wife of the primary sex pervert lost, lost, lost.

Now the anti-Semites climb out of their dens, their nests, the woodwork, the toilet and are unhappy about Donald recognizing the true, lasting capital of Israel.

On talk radio, Jews, even those rotten Jews, complain that recognizing Jerusalem will cause violence…and it will endanger the “peace” process.

Laughable, just laughable. Bravo to Donald Trump. The most recent president with balls — that is why he is hated.

The little lefties are not as important as they think they are, as they are busy groping…Al, Harvey, Charlie, James, John, Bill et al. Hahahaha.

Bert Zackim


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