Police Blotter: Week of Oct. 19, 2017


A thief nabbed more than $2,000 worth of men’s shirts from a Broadway clothes shop on Oct. 12.

An employee told police he was inside the store between Prince and Spring streets at 1:49 pm, when he spotted the suspect stuff 13 collared shirts into his backpack, and flee past the register without paying.



A sticky-fingered thief nabbed a camera off a man’s shoulder inside the Cordlandt Street subway station on Oct. 14.

The victim told police he was boarding an uptown R train at 8:30 pm, when the suspect snatched the camera hanging off his left shoulder just as doors closed, and booked it through the station to parts unknown.


Cops arrested a 51-year-old man after they allegedly spotted him reaching into a man’s backpack inside the Fulton Street subway station on Oct. 12.

The officer eyed the suspect placing his hand inside the victim’s backpack at 11:05 am, police said.

After putting the man in cuffs, the office found he was in possession of 6 illicit Metrocards he’d bent to fool the turnstiles.



Thieves made off with an ATM containing more than $13,000 from a Broadway café on Sept. 9.

The crooks nabbed the teller machine from the eatery near Morris Street at 4 pm, taking advantage of construction work there to remove the safe, which itself cost about $2,000

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