Letters to The Editor: As of Sept. 7, 2017

Chelsea Waterside Park Association wants the public picnic area to remain. Photo by Allen Oster.

Picnic area should remain part of park

To The Editor:

The Board of Chelsea Waterside Park Association is strongly opposed to the removal of the public picnic area in Chelsea Waterside Park, located at W. 23rd St. and 11th Ave. next to the Children’s Water Park. We support and encourage the use of the picnic area by community residents.

It is of the utmost importance to maintain a picnic area with tables as the groups using this location have no other easily available place in Chelsea for birthday parties, family gatherings or leisure space.

We are disappointed that the Chelsea community was left out of the process for these revised plans to renovate the children’s playground, which included the demolition of the community picnic area. We urge that the Friends of Hudson River Park and the Hudson River Park Trust work with Community Board 4 and Chelsea Waterside Park Association to assure that all residents have access to this cherished and valued neighborhood picnic area.

Board of Directors, Chelsea Waterside Park Association

Pier 40 pool — not parking

To The Editor:

Re “Architect Floats Pier55 Alternative” (news article, Aug. 31):

We live in the West Village and visit the Hudson River Park several times a week. We’d like to say that we strongly support the main elements of Michael Sorkin’s plan for Pier 40, as set out in your issue of Aug. 31. We particularly like the proposal for an outdoor swimming pool — the bigger the better!

Mr. Sorkin is right in saying that it is absurd to use the pier, with its wonderful views, as a parking garage. Let the car owners store their cars at their own expense, not at the expense of the people who use the park.

Cindy Niedoroda and Frank Stewart

The river belongs to us

To The Editor:

Re “Architect Floats Pier55 Alternative” (news article, Aug. 31):

This is an idea that should be explored. Many of us oppose Diller Island. We consider it an unseemly giveaway of a piece of the river to a billionaire. The river belongs to all of us and should stay that way.

Elaine Young


Re Community Has Back of Chelsea Journalist Who Broke Wrist Covering Charlottesville” (news, Aug. 17):

I don’t know you, but I am now a fan and I deeply admire your courage. THANK YOU for personally facing danger and the unknown to document this Nazi KKK rally from a woman journalist, longtime activist POV. I hope your wrist heals smoothly and well. Acupuncture helped heal me when I fell and broke my wrist. A Great place that helped me is Acupuncture Associates on E. 15th St. Love to see what you filmed. Cheers.

Lynette Sheldon

Sandi… you are the best and bravest. Would that our so-called leaders be as involved and vigilant.

Mike Slosberg

You have real living political Chutzpah! So proud of you!

Larry Russell

Re “Jewish Identity in the Summer of Hate” (guest column, Aug. 24):

Max, I’m sorry you didn’t get the richness of a Jewish education… someting I didn’t embrace until I was an adult. I didn’t grow up in a Jewish neighborhood. I grew up in a Christian neighborhood where I was the token Jew. From kindergarten until my sophomore year of high school I was bullied, tormented, and occasionally beat up. I had buried those memories until….Charlottesville. That night I could remember the names of each kid that made my life miserable. Seeing Nazis marching in the streets of America was a horrifying site. They were shouting, “Jews will not replace us”. They were so emboldened that they weren’t wearing masks. A Nazi murdered an American citizen and we have a president that can’t acknowledge that. How does one explain to a Jewish child that there were Nazis marching in the streets of America? As a Jew the saying “Never again” has a whole new meaning to me.

Dvorah Doris Stoll

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