Your Letters: Week of Dec. 22, 2016

We’re allowing horrors to happen

Re: Lots of Land: Hotelier’s Purchase Includes W. 23rd St. Church (news, Nov. 22, 2016):

To The Editor:

So sad — first, the horrors of closing St. Vincent’s Hospital, thus no hospital on the West Side of Manhattan, from 59th St. to Battery Park City. Many, many communities were, and continue to be, impacted by the closing.

Now, the St. Vincent de Paul Church on W. 23rd St. So much history.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the French author, had a funeral service held at St. Vincent de Paul. Edith Piaf, the French singer, had one of her weddings there, with Marlene Dietrich as her matron of honor. French President Charles de Gaulle was present at the Memorial to French and American Veterans in the church in memory of the members of the Lafayette Squadron and other Americans who had died fighting for France. The funeral of Louis Keller, the publisher of the New York Social Register, etc.

And now, [it could be] a hotel.

Such a shame — what is happening, and being allowed to happen.

Catherine M. Perebinossoff


Penn South’s Sukenick praises our sister publication

To The Editor:

Oops…watch out… . The Villager is in danger of becoming the Village Voice (early on when the Voice’s investigative reporting excelled), what, with articles revealing Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner’s seamy side as a landlord of several East Village buildings; tenants without cooking gas for many months, thanks to another prize landlord in the East Village, and news about Indian Point and an editorial about Rivington House.

Keep up the good work!

Gloria Sukenick


Penner’s plan for Port Authority

RE: “Insisting Input on Bus Terminal, Alliance Arises to Watch Over West Side” (news, Dec. 8, 2016)

To The Editor:

Everyone should agree that the existing Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ) 42nd St. bus terminal facility is antiquated lacking sufficient capacity to deal with current and future needs. My 31 years of experience in the transportation field tells me that the PANYNJ will need a minimum of $10 billion to build a new facility at the same or new location.

Amtrak is looking for $24 billion to fund the “Gateway” project for construction of a new tunnel providing additional access to Penn Station for Amtrak and NJ Transit, and $1.8 billion to extend PATH from Penn Station Newark to Newark Airport.

Based upon past history, it is doubtful either agency will ever find these dollars.

A better solution is to extend the MTA NYC Transit No. 7 subway extension from the Hudson Yards station on to NJ Transit’s Secaucus Junction station by Exit 15X on the NJ Turnpike. Build a new bus terminal at Secaucus. This could divert thousands of riders from both the 42nd St. Bus Terminal and Penn Station.

Ask the MTA, NYC, New York State, New Jersey, NJ Transit, PANYNJ and US Department of Transportation Federal Transit Administration to provide financial contributions for fully funding this project. Riders and taxpayers from both states would benefit.

Imagine providing a direct connection linking New Jersey, Penn Station, Grand Central Terminal and Queens under a one-seat ride. This could assist thousands of reverse commuters to employment centers, along with sporting events such as NY Giants and NJ Jets games, and concerts at the Meadowlands (via Secaucus Junction station), NY Mets games and concerts at Citi Field, the US Open, Arthur Ash stadium along with Flushing Meadow Park and Queens Zoo. Thousands of New Jersey residents would have easier access to Manhattan’s East Side.  Metro North commuters via Grand Central Terminal (along with LIRR riders, when East Side access to Grand Central is completed in 2023) would have a new option to New Jersey.

This could afford PANYNJ the ability to renovate the existing 42nd St. bus terminal within the existing footprint in phases, without the need of significant adjacent private property condemnation. Amtrak could shut down one Hudson River tunnel from New Jersey to Penn Station at a time for critical repairs.  Both could remain in transit service with necessary work accomplished at far less cost.

Larry Penner

Larry Penner is a transportation historian and advocate who previously worked 31 years for the US Department of Transportation Federal Transit Administration Region 2 NY Office.

Reader Michael Rahav cleared up our question as to how this lion arrived on his W. 30th St. perch. Photo by Peter Michael Marino.

Reader Michael Rahav cleared up our question as to how this lion arrived on his W. 30th St. perch. Photo by Peter Michael Marino.


Re: “The Lion in Winter, in West Chelsea” (front page photo, Dec, 8, 2016)

All these six building on W. 30th St., decorated for Xmas by the buildings’ super, Wilson Tenepaguay, look so stunningly beautiful! Merry Christmas!

Michael Rahav


Re: “Forum Shops Strategies for Saving Small Businesses (web posting, Oct. 26, 2016):

Stopping the closing of long-established businesses must be the top priority. The saving of jobs and passing of legislation to stabilize the backbone of our economy and end the crisis faced by our businesses must be addressed now. If any lawmakers gives excuses to not at least hold an honest debate to quickly find the best solution to stop the closings, and instead recommends worthless programs or initiatives that keep the status quo, then they are working for REBNY and not for the will of the people or small businesses.

Steve Null

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