There’s a reason they call it Hell Square


A bouncer took down a drunk who was trying to re-enter the Slipper Room. Photos by Clayton Patterson

BY CLAYTON PATTERSON | I was walking around the neighborhood early on the evening of Fri., Nov. 4. They were shooting a movie on Orchard St.

Outside the Slipper Room at Orchard and Stanton Sts. around 9:40 p.m. a drunk was trying to re-enter the bar and the bouncer would not let him back in.

The defiant drunk became aggressive and started fighting with the bouncer. The bouncer was able to get him to the ground. The drunk then tried to knock over the movie lights, which caused some chaos. Eventually, the cops showed up, the drunk was restrained and taken away in an ambulance.


The sloshed man — trying to get back on his feet or just wanting to break stuff? — started grabbing onto the movie lights, threatening to knock them over.

The next night, Saturday, around 8:30 p.m., Elsa and I walked down to Delancey St. and a drunk was in the middle of the street screaming at drivers, “Hit me! Nobody listens to me!” Eventually, a friend got him and pulled him off of busy Delancey St.

It was crazy. The street with the movie was so crowded. There were people outside the bar at tables, the super-bright movie lights…and a crazy drunk.


Eventually, cops showed up and restrained the unruly intoxicated man.

Do we need more bars in Hell Square? There are new liquor license applications pending at the community board. So, we really need more drunks in an area already oversaturated with bars? You can see from the scene around the Slipper Room, people are tripping over each other with movies, drunks, crowded sidewalks.

This started with Sheldon Silver getting the business improvement district going, and then we ended up with Hell Square.


He was finally taken away by ambulance.


The next night in Hell Square, a different drunk was causing a different problem, this time standing in traffic on Delancey St. and begging drivers to run him over.


The inebriated man’s friend finally managed to pull him off the busy street before he got killed.

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