Your Letters: Week of Oct. 27, 2016

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Re: “CB4 Hears TransAlt’s 14th St. Plan” (website news posting, Oct. 20, 2016):

It is a horrible plan! The traffic which goes down 14th St. will shift to 15th and 16th Sts. There will be constant honking by impatient drivers, and since 16th St. does not go through Union Sq. there will be spillback as cars pile up and the resulting noise, pollution, and similar problems will be highly unpleasant. As a resident of W. 16th St. at Eighth Ave., I am really appalled.

TD Walter Segall

I’ve taken the L for 19 years to work, but I’ve got to say: What happens to the businesses on 14th St. if no trucks are allowed? I work for Goodwill, which opened a store there last year, and I can’t imagine what it would be like for us and other nonprofits or businesses if no trucks are allowed. And I’m betting that 17th St., where I live, would also be hurt by the overflow traffic.

Martha Gotwals

‪That is so not true. Time Square is still a mess. The traffic has to go somewhere; it just goes on the alternative route. Traffic has not decreased, it’s just been detoured. Trust me. I’ve taken enough cabs to know that’s the truth. So the traffic will increase on 15th St. and 16th St. and 13th St. — very poor planning for the people who live in the neighborhood. We have seen an increase [of vehicle traffic and foot traffic] since the Meatpacking District and the High Line are tourist destinations. This is an unfair burden.

John Gerard Griffith

Re: “Weiss Decision: Gallery Shuts Its Doors Following Disruptive Development” (news, Oct. 20, 2016):

Really disgusting that de Blasio won’t help Mike Weiss (who knows what the ulterior reasons for siding with this company might be). But then again, Bloomberg and de Blasio have destroyed what was a mecca in the art world for the sake of greedy and ignorant real estate developers. The Chelsea art gallery district is officially dead and New York City is the worse for it.

Daniel Gauss

Change means opportunity

To The Editor:

Re: “Stand Up for Our Neighborhood Stores” (Letters to the Editor, Oct. 20, 2016):

It is clear that what Miss [Gloria] Sukenick is upset about is the normal pace of neighborhood change, in which retail establishments open, and thrive as long as they can remain economically viable. When they can’t sell whatever they are purveying at a competitive price that will allow for a profit at the end of the year, they close. Then some other capitalist will take over the vacant space and will try his luck. With so many new immigrants here in America, there is no lack of optimistic hard-working people to lease whatever storefronts are available. Some will succeed and some will not. That’s been what has built our city (and country) right from the beginning in the 18th century. In the 21st century it’s no different.

America is the land of opportunity, and unless there are vacant stores to be rented, there will be no place for that opportunity to take root and grow. That’s the promise of America for immigrants. Mr. Trump wants to stop that from happening…and it would appear that so does Miss Sukenick.

Andrew Alpern

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