Salad days for new business in old Bleecker pharmacy spot


Photos by Tequila Minsky

By Tequila Minsky | After its building was sold and the landlord tripled the rent, Avignone Chemists, a Village pharmacy with decades of history, shuttered its doors one year ago. All that remains of the former Bleecker St. pharmacy is the painted sign on the building’s wall facing Sixth Ave.


What sort of place could possibly afford that kind of astronomical rent? Apparently, Sweetgreen can. A salad bar and restaurant, Sweetgreen serves salads with seasonal kale, romaine, arugula and mesclun greens, with grains like quinoa and faro, as well as salads that are variations of Caesar, Thai, hummus or Cobb. Nine salads were available as freebies on the store’s two pre-opening days, but custom ones are also available.



Word of the pre-opening samples got out to New York University students and nearby yoga studios and neighbors. The brisk business also gave the new staff a chance to work out the kinks.

David Gruber, a member of Community Board 2 and a leading Carmine St. activist, was spotted late Saturday afternoon with a salad to go.

One can put a positive spin on the storefront’s transition since salads can keep you healthy, so you won’t need to visit the pharmacy as often.


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