Gung hay fat choy! Monkeying around at Lunar New Year

new year, red lion

Photos by Q. Sakamaki

Gung hay fat choy! Revelers were celebrating and going bananas over the Year of the Monkey in Chinatown on Monday. Among the highlights were lion dancers rearing up on their “hind legs” and doing battle with each other. A controlled fireworks display was held nearby in Sara D. Roosevelt Park. The Year of the Monkey is said to be imbued with the attributes of its animal in the Chinese horoscope. Monkeys are known for their quick wit, curiosity and energy. So the year — at least if you are a believer in such things — should be auspicious, full of vitality, resourcefulness and reinvention. On the other hand, monkeys, while very intelligent, also have short attention spans, so it will be important this year to avoid becoming scattered and try to stay focused.

new year, boy

new year, lion

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