Featured Comments, Week of July 16, 2015

Block that housed J & R readies for next phase
(posted, July 2):

Imagine how employees with decades of loyal service felt when they were dumped without even a handshake. No severance, the great Joe and Rachelle not even offering a word of thanks for helping making them and their children mega millionaires…

Tenants fight for rent limits
(posted, July 2):

So I must ask the obvious question: if CB1, and therefore the city, knew for “half a decade” that landlords are in violation of the law, why isn’t the Mayor enforcing the law? Why do the tenants have to take matters into their own hands?

I believe it is because landlords are expected to do the right thing (eye roll.) They are self regulated. Nobody is watching them. It is only when they are sued does an issue like this come to light. There should be a committee formed to look over their shoulders. Kibel, Rockrose, Clipper, and all of the others.

City orders work to stop  on FedEx’s FiDi ramp
(posted, July 8):

People will be more upset that this is going to be FedEx. They would just hope it would be something more interesting. Most of the people are not a fan of the ramp either… They would just hope they don’t build it.
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