Letters, Week of June 4, 2015

Few N.Y.C. schools are visiting the 9/11 museum

(posted, May 21):

I find it bizarre that schools today do not find the time to thoroughly teach about 9/11. I mean, doesn’t it have a little bit of relevance in the world the students live in?

Michael Burke

Mr. Burke, as the father of a 9/11 victim I totally agree with your comment.

However, I am not surprised by this negligence. What about the fact that there are schools that do not teach anything about the Vietnam War? It’s as if it doesn’t exist or ever happened. A lot of men and women gave their lives in what they felt was an effort to protect democracy. Whether wrong or right, I think it is an insult to their memory and sacrifice to not even teach what happened.

Will Sekzer

Despite cries of foul, Seaport building appears headed for the wrecking ball

(posted, May 21):

There are a number of city, state and federal agencies who need to simply enforce the law and hold developer’s feet to the fire. That this site contains irreplaceable artifacts of the city’s past history makes this case in particular all the more outrageous. The New Market Building in the hands of developers with real vision, could re-purpose the old Fulton Fish Market into a world-class food market to help provide good, fresh food choices for the entire downtown community, New Yorkers in general and the more than 12 million visitors to Lower Manhattan annually.

Sadly, the city and its mayor as the chief in charge of protecting city assets, has failed on all fronts in this particular case. If the developer and the EDC have their way —we will have a luxury hi-rise tower for the 1%, no open space for the other residents here [and]  a tower that will dwarf and obliterate the view of the Brooklyn Bridge from most sight lines at or near the Seaport…

John D.

I couldn’t have said it better. We who live down here (I have been here since 1981) will be remiss if we don’t do everything we can to stop this criminal (I don’t think that’s too strong a word) planning to build a tower on the waterfront. Thank you for writing this.

Zette E.

UnderCover (posted, May 21):

Spokesperson Magee does not return calls from a reporter? Some spokesperson! Typical M.O. It’s fortunate there is a public sector, because it benefits those who would never be hired in the private.

D.E. Reader

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